Friday, March 02, 2018

College Basketball's Final Month 2017-18

Tip Off: I look at the college basketball season as a play in four acts.
There is tragedy: having to put up with horseshit announcers such as Seth Greenberg, Jason Williams, Dan Dakich, Dick Vitale, Clark Kellogg, sideline commentators, 94 Feet With Jay Bilas...and worst of all, Holly Rowe.
Bill Walton provides the comedy with his wry observations on the game, life and lifestyle...and you can learn a lot from him.
And...of course there is plenty of drama.

Act one has a couple of scenes.
The first one features the major conferences taking on the cream puffs on their home court. The visitors get a big payoff and get to learn a bit about their weakness. It is both a learning experience and money for the athletic department.
Scene two highlights those early season invitational tournaments...usually held in resort destinations. Big fun with a nice mixture of high and mid major teams.
In scene three, we see the intrer-confernce tournaments like the ACC/Big Ten.
Scene four is a rarity: a major conference team playing a true road game...versus another major or a quality mid-major...a vanishing breed.

Act two is the conference schedule. The best are in those conferences where all teams play each team home and away.

In act three, the stage is set for the conference championship. The pressure is on and the fans benefit.

Act four; the penultimate event kicks off the finest three weeks in sports, The NCAA Championship Tournament. 63 games in ten days...truly the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

At its very best (the UConn women), college basketball is poetry in motion.

I love this game.