Sunday, March 13, 2016

Welcome to Bracketville--Pre-Selection Sunday Edition

Before the brackets are out my Final Four is Kansas, UVA, Michigan State and Kentucky.
I feel Kansas is the team most capable of winning six in a row.
I realize that my antipathy towards UNC and Bob (T)huggins as well my nonbeliever status for Indiana, Maryland and Villanova will surely bite me in the butt.
A couple of weeks ago I had considerably more faith in Xavier and Providence than I do now.
I hope Valpo makes the cut…a remote chance at best. They could bust a bracket or three.
Stephen F. Austin could win a game this year, as they are loaded with experience.
Don’t be surprised if Seton Hall upsets a higher seed.
It is almost certain I will take Miami too far into the second week.
Cal could sneak up on someone.
Kentucky’s back court may be the best in college ball.
Duke will make an early exit.
I sure hope Purdue and Michigan State get a Friday/Sunday schedule…they looked gassed in one helluva ball game.
This year it will be impossible for me to watch the CBS Selection Sunday Show. I can neither look at, nor listen to Clark Kellogg without losing knowledge. Here’s one of his gems, “Oklahoma’s offense is predicated on shot-making.” Thank you Captain Obvious.
Doug Gottlieb is worthless as well. You take him seriously at your own peril, much like relying on a Karl Rove prediction in politics.
The good news is that at 5:30 on ESPNU, the #1 and #2 teams in college lacrosse will face off. Denver VS Notre Dame.
Later on the CBS Sports Network will have their Bracket Breakdown Show. I fear Gottlieb will be on the panel…but will be outclassed by Gary Parrish, Jon Rothstein and Seth Davis.
ESPN’s bracket show is impossible to enjoy as well. Seth Greenberg, whose coaching career was without accomplishment, is a know-nothing blowhard. As a basketball analyst, Jason Williams was a terrific basketball player…he can wear the balls off a pool table.
One more thing: Since 1985, only two private colleges have won the NCAA Basketball Tournament---Syracuse and Duke.
Off topic one more thing: The Knicks, under Jim Dolan, are now wrapping up 21st rebuilding year. They continue to do whatever it takes to minimize their chances to win.

Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Now go fill out your bracket and send it my way.

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