Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome to Bracketville---Tip Off Edition

Bruce Pearl is now the second most overpaid man in America. Now he has the opportunity to embarrass another SEC school. The good news is…he will no longer pollute the ESPN airwaves.
Over the past four years, just three #1 seeds have made the Final 4…20 of 56 Final 4 teams in this century have been #1 seeds.
Six of the past seven champions were #1 seeds.
Not one player on the UVA team has appeared in an NCAA Tournament game.
Conference opponents shot nearly 40% from three and averaged 1.08 points per possession vs. Baylor.
Iowa State and UNC are listed as #13 and #18 in KenPom’s tempo rankings…both getting more than 70 possessions per game.
Senior laden North Dakota State’s Taylor Braun hits 51% from two and 42.2% from three. Oklahoma has been known to give up easy baskets.
Out of 351 teams, UNC ranks 344th in free throw percentage. Their first round opponent, Providence is ranked second in the country.
UMass is 7-6 since Jan. 29 with precisely one win (79-67 over La Salle) by more than six points.
Since Joel Embiid has been out, opponents have grabbed 69% of the Kansas misses…up from 62% with Embiid.
All five starters for Stephen F. Austin average at least 9.6 points a game...and all shoot at least 35% from three.
Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim has a history of flubbing it early in the tournament. His teams have packed their bags by the second round 12 times since 1977.
Not so fast: Wichita State’s PPP has risen from 1.07 last season to 1.15 this year.
One more thing: St. Louis has lost four of their past five games.
Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Celebrate by watching March Madness.

This season’s prize is “Wooden, A Coach’s Life” by Seth Davis.

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