Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Welcome to Bracketville---Round Three On Deck Edition

Caught your breath yet? The first 96 hours of the 2014 tournament were exhausting and exhilarating.
What can we expect over the next four days? Who knows? What you and I can imagine rarely matters. March Happens!
48 games over four days that had a bit of everything.
Six OTs…a handful of double-digit seed upsets…dozens of down-to-the-wire games…marquee performances…winning shots in the final seconds…too many games to count won by one or two possessions. Just one true buzzer-beater…Texas over ASU.
This is basketball at its best. Every season I say this is the best NCAA Tournament…since last year. Best of all…we get to do it next year.
On one hand, all the close games make for great drama and wonderful theater. On the other, it prevents the unsung subs (who give maximum effort all year in practice) from getting a minute on the court…and having their name appear in box score of an NCAA Tournament game.
Nobody in our group called Stanford…including the experts. That pick would have netted you 20 points.
Stanford advances to play Dayton in the Sweet 16, meaning we will have a double-digit seed in the Elite Eight.
Remember when Baylor was 2-8 in the Big 12…me neither. They’ve lost just one game since March 1st.
Before the tournament, the last time Michigan State had won two in a row was January 18th and 21st.
The SEC, Big 10 and Pac12 have three teams participating in the Sweet 16.
The ACC has one. Between 1980 and 2005, the ACC provided exacting a quarter of all Final Four participants.
The front-seat duo representing Sonic make the commercial break entertaining…very droll.
Rick Pitino is 11-0 in the Sweet 16. John Calipari is 5-1 vs. Louisville while coaching Kentucky.
Kentucky had zero turnovers in the final 8:30 in their victory over Wichita State.
In an early loss to Michigan State, Kentucky’s Julius Randle had eight TOs and just a single assist. In the win over Wichita State, Randle had six assists.
In his final game Andrew Wiggins as many turnovers (four) as points. Not his best day.
The perfect bracket is dead---RIP. Most brackets are covered in red, reflecting misguided assumptions and broken dreams.
Syracuse started 26-0 (in the cupcake division) and finished with a dreary 3-6. In their losing effort against Dayton, both teams had more turnovers than assists.
Eight players on the UVA team scored in the victory over Memphis as the Cavs shot 56% from the floor. UVA has won 18 of their past 19.
The biggest oddity to me was that Creighton’s Doug McDermott had zero threes against a zone team in his final college game. Tough way to go out…but he sure provided us with great memories.
Duke forced just 12.1 turnovers per game this season, the worst in Coach K’s tenure…opponents connected on 45.6% of their shots (best vs. Duke in over two decades.)
Since winning the tournament in 2010, Duke has gone 5-4 in tournament play.
Florida has not seen an offense like UCLA in many, many moons.
Dayton’s margin of victory vs. Ohio State and Syracuse was three points…total
Stanford has the size and ability to match up with anyone on their side of the bracket.
12 of the 16 teams finished either first or second in their conference tournaments.
Just four teams still playing rank in the Top-20 in both offense and defense efficiency in the KenPomTop-20. UVA, Louisville, Tennessee and Florida.
Not so fast: Point Spreads: Arizona -7.5, Wisconsin -3, Louisville -4.5, Michigan -2.5, Michigan State -2, Stanford -3, Iowa state -1.5, Florida -4,5.
One more thing: Here’s the latest line from Las Vegas to cut down the nets. Florida 10/3Louisville 5/1 
Michigan State 5/1 
Arizona 6/1 
Virginia 9/1 
Kentucky 16/1 
Michigan 16/1 
UCLA 16/1 
Wisconsin 16/1 
Baylor 20/1 
Iowa State 20/1 
Connecticut 28/1 
Tennessee 28/1 
San Diego State 33/1 
Stanford 50/1 
Dayton 100/1
Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Celebrate by taking a breath and watch the Elite Eight on Thursday.

This season’s prize is “Wooden, A Coach’s Life” by Seth Davis.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome to Bracketville---Tip Off Edition

Bruce Pearl is now the second most overpaid man in America. Now he has the opportunity to embarrass another SEC school. The good news is…he will no longer pollute the ESPN airwaves.
Over the past four years, just three #1 seeds have made the Final 4…20 of 56 Final 4 teams in this century have been #1 seeds.
Six of the past seven champions were #1 seeds.
Not one player on the UVA team has appeared in an NCAA Tournament game.
Conference opponents shot nearly 40% from three and averaged 1.08 points per possession vs. Baylor.
Iowa State and UNC are listed as #13 and #18 in KenPom’s tempo rankings…both getting more than 70 possessions per game.
Senior laden North Dakota State’s Taylor Braun hits 51% from two and 42.2% from three. Oklahoma has been known to give up easy baskets.
Out of 351 teams, UNC ranks 344th in free throw percentage. Their first round opponent, Providence is ranked second in the country.
UMass is 7-6 since Jan. 29 with precisely one win (79-67 over La Salle) by more than six points.
Since Joel Embiid has been out, opponents have grabbed 69% of the Kansas misses…up from 62% with Embiid.
All five starters for Stephen F. Austin average at least 9.6 points a game...and all shoot at least 35% from three.
Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim has a history of flubbing it early in the tournament. His teams have packed their bags by the second round 12 times since 1977.
Not so fast: Wichita State’s PPP has risen from 1.07 last season to 1.15 this year.
One more thing: St. Louis has lost four of their past five games.
Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Celebrate by watching March Madness.

This season’s prize is “Wooden, A Coach’s Life” by Seth Davis.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcome to Bracketville---First Play-In Games Edition

Five of Duke’s ten worst defensive games have come in March…so far they have played five game this March.
Arkansas is the only school in the SEC to neither make a bowl game nor the NCAA Tournament this season.
It's conceivable that a Kansas run to the 2014 National Championship could consist of four games against opponents from their non-conference schedule. The Jayhawks could face New Mexico in the Third Round, Colorado or Florida in the Elite Eight, Villanova in the Final Four, and San Diego State or Duke in the National Championship game. The Jayhawks defeated New Mexico and Duke, but lost to Colorado, Florida, Villanova and San Diego State.
It is possible that a Louisville run to the 2014 National Championship could consist of four games against opponents coached by either former assistants or former players of Rick Pitino.
Kentucky’s No. 8 seed in the Midwest Region is the lowest seed a John Calipari-coached team has ever received.
UVA is just the third team in the last 15 years to earn a #1 seed a season after competing in the NIT. The other two were coached by Calipari.
California, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas have four schools entered in the NCAA Tournament this year.
Illinois, like Indiana sends no team to the tournament.
Harvard has a 2,755-mile trip from Boston to Spokane to face No. 5 seed Cincinnati. VCU's trip is not much shorter. It's just more than 2,630 miles from Richmond to San Diego.
Duke’s trip to Raleigh is the shortest at 29 miles…Xavier goes just 46 miles.
25 consecutive years at the dance for Kansas. Duke is second on the list with 18 and Michigan State is third with 17. This is Kentucky's 53rd NCAA Tournament appearance, the most of any team in the nation.
Three of UConn’s eight losses were to Louisville.
Dayton has just three losses since January 25th---all to St. Joe’s.
Oregon won eight in a row until losing to UCLA in the Pac-12 tournament.
Tulsa went 4-9 before New Year's, but closed out by winning 11 in a row to take the Conference USA title.
Not so fast: 1959 was the last time New Hampshire has had an NCAA team, while Maine has never had one.
One more thing: Wisconsin is no stranger to early exits.
Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Celebrate by watching March Madness.

This season’s prize is “Wooden, A Coach’s Life” by Seth Davis.

Welcome to Bracketville---What Are the Odds Edition

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Welcome to Bracketville---Championship Week Edition

61-conference championship tournament game in one day. A great day in Bracketville.
There is no such thing as too much college basketball.
I guess we can say that Villanova and SMU are a bit overrated.
Nova has not defeated a top-40 RPI win since November.
SMU (23-9) has now lost three consecutive games entering the NCAA Tournament.
There have only been six title games pitting #1 seeds…last in 2008 when Kansas beat Memphis.
On three occasions (most recently in 2011), no #1 seed has made the final.
Bo Ryan has only taken Wisconsin past the Sweet Sixteen just once, and that time to the Elite Eight.
Arizona is #1 nationally in adjusted defensive efficiency, allowing 87.3 points per 100 possessions.
Louisville is second in steals…about one in seven opponent’s possessions end with Cardinal steal.
UVA rebounds 75 percent of opponents’ missed shots.
Villanova is 5th in 3-point attempts and 19th in assists.
Kansas hits 49.7% of their field goal attempts.
North Carolina can beat or lose to anyone.
Just three steals total in Miami’s victory over Virginia Tech.
Michigan makes 39.7% of their 3-point attempts…9th in the nation.
Florida scores 117.4 points per possession…and allows just 91.8 ppp.
18 double-doubles and counting for UK’s Julius Randle.
New Mexico has just three losses since Christmas…by a total of seven points.
Meanwhile, San Diego State has only three losses…period.
Villanova is the inverse of Kentucky, going from unranked in preseason to Top-5 at the end of the regular season.
Iowa has lost five of their last six.
It has been 15 years since Delaware made the Tournament.
Pitt had seven losses in their last 14 regular season games.
In keeping with my entrepreneurial belief in rewarding risk taking, scoring in the Bracketville contest will be “round times seed.” Should you pick the #13 over the #4 in the first round and #13 wins, you earn 13 points. In round two, if you pick #13 advance and they upset the #5 seed, you earn 26 points. And so it goes.
It is tedious to score and can drive me crazy…but I think you deserve more if your upset pick rewards you with a W.
So…checking my math is something you should do daily.
Risk taking need not be restless, especially this season with so many teams separated by so little.
Not so fast: Unbeaten in league play: Florida, Wichita State, Stephen F. Austin (25 in a row, 17-0 in conference.).
One more thing: Bravo: In women’s basketball, a coach's timeout called within 30 seconds of a media timeout becomes the media timeout and cancels out the dreaded back-to-back timeout.
Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Celebrate by watching more Conference Tournaments this week.
Just to show that nobody knows it all…check out the preseason predictions from Sports Illustrated.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome to Bracketville--34 Games, 34 Wins Edition

Walk-ons---another reason college basketball is better than the NBA. Walk-ons who earn a scholarship are an even better reason. Every now and then one becomes Ron Baker of Wichita States and averages 13.1 ppg.
Kansas plays down to its competition…50 1st half points by WVa is the 2nd-most they've allowed in a half all season (52 by Wake Forest in the 2nd half on November 28).
The victory over Oklahoma State was the sixth time this season Iowa State has come back to win after trailing by double digits.
UConn was 5-for-25 shooting in the first half as Louisville won in a rout.
Wichita State had twice as many points as Missouri State in the paint Saturday.
Louisville could make the Final Four. Don’t count them out.
Kansas is a completely different team without Joel Embiid.
Arkansas scored 110 vs. Ole Miss early in the week---58 on Saturday against Alabama. Ooops!
It’s been 15 years since the OVC had the same team {Wichita State} make the NCAA tourney in consecutive seasons.
NC State’s T.J. Warren had back-to-back 40-point games to close the season—something not done in the ACC since 1957.
Both Duke and UNC had 12 assists and 13 turnovers.
UNC’s 20 rebounds was the fewest for the Tar Heels since March of 1987 [James Michael McAdoo had zero boards in 24 minutes]…their 59.6% on field goal was their highest in a loss since March of 1986.
Duke has won 33 in a row in Cameron. Duke’s had 18 undefeated seasons in 75 years in Cameron. In the past decade, Duke has just 11 losses at home.
In the past month, Baylor has gone from 2-8 to 9-9 in the Big 12. Kenny Chery is the biggest reason.
Georgia is the #3 seed in the SEC. Raise your hand if you saw that coming.
Belmont lost the Ohio Valley final to Eastern Kentucky, and will miss the tournament despite an earlier win over North Carolina. EKU defeated the top two seeds to capture the title.
Green Bay was eliminated in the Horizon League Tournament. They could squeak in to the Dance with luck.
Davidson was 17-1 in Southern Conference play…lost in OT to Western Carolina in tourney.
Davidson, Green Bay and Belmont were my three favorite 12-5 or 13-4 upset picks.
Oregon has won seven in a row. Iowa has now lost 5 of 6. Nebraska’s won 11 of last 14.
San Diego State won the Mountain West, coming back in the final 11 minutes from down 16-points.
Florida's Patric Young had as many points in the paint in the first half (10) as the entire Kentucky team (8).
Florida is the fourth team from a major conference in the last 15 seasons to go undefeated in league play.
The Gators had 20 assists on 28 baskets…they outscored SEC foes by 13.1 ppg.
Doug McDermott saved the best game of his college career for a sold out senior night.
Not so fast: Unbeaten in league play: Florida, Wichita State, Stephen F. Austin (25 in a row, 17-0 in conference.).
One more thing: Harvard is the first Ivy League program to reach 20 wins in five straight seasons since Penn did so six times from 1970-75.
Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Celebrate by watching some Conference Tournaments this week.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Welcome to Bracketville--Final Regular Season Weekend Edition

Senior Night is just one more reason to love college basketball.
Baylor’s victory over Iowa State was the sixth win in seven games for the Bears. If they play up to their talent, they’ll break some brackets.
New Mexico’s Cameron Bairstow has gone from a player who never scored 20 points in his first three seasons to averaging 20.3 ppg as a senior.
Kansas Coach Bill Self has won 10 consecutive Big-12 Championships…three when he had to replace the entire starting lineup. That’s remarkable!
Florida’s Michael Frazier set an SEC record with 11 3-pointers in the win over South Carolina.
Oakland’s Travis Bader hit seven 3-pointers and went 18-for-18 from the foul line…39 points in all. A good day at the office.
Bryce Cotton of Providence is now averaging 40.2 minutes per game.
Illinois had not allowed over 50 point in four games…then Michigan scored 52 in the first half.
Wisconsin has won eight straight. The Badgers have won at least 12 Big 10 games nine times for Bo Ryan.
Villanova shoots 3-point shots on 46% of field goal attempts, 6th most in the nation. Live by the 3, die by the 3.
Hmmm: Remember when Marshall Henderson was relevant?
Syracuse has not won a game by more than two points since February 9th.
Kansas has played 19 games vs. Top-50 and won 12 of them, ranking first in both categories.
Kansas State has not lost at home all year.
Villanova is 8-0 in games decided by seven or fewer points---4-0 in overtime.
The last time Alabama won away from home---last season.
Gonzaga has won 25 games seven straight seasons.
In their 13-point win over Memphis, Cincinnati gave up more than 80 points for the first time this season.
Five Michigan State players scored in double figures in the victory over Iowa.
In the final seconds, St. Peter’s Desi Washington hit a 3-pointer for the W over Fairfield. That is the third time this season he has accomplished that feat…all against Fairfield.
Wake Forest beat Duke, NC State and UNC in the same season for the first time in five years.
Southern Utah had lost 31 in a row to D-1 teams until beating North Dakota.
You go figure out the AAC. SMU is 2-0 vs. UConn; UConn is 2-0 vs. Memphis; Memphis is 2-0 vs. Louisville; Louisville is 2-0 vs. SMU.
Wake Forest just took it to Duke…Duke just fell apart and was humiliated during Wake’s 17-0 run.
Cincinnati’s Sean Kilpatrick 34 points---Northwestern 32 points. Both happened on Thursday.
Kentucky is as good as any team in hitting the offensive glass and getting to the free throw line. Their shot selection sucks. They have four losses outside the Top-50.
Remember when John Callipari speculated that UK could go 40-0. The Greeks told us hubris is to be punished.
Notre Dame and UNC combined to go 15-34 from the free throw line. That’s bad medicine.
Weber State was held to 17 first half points by Portland State.
NC State’s T.J. Warren had 41 points at Pitt---the most ever scored in the Petersen Events Center.
That was Warren’s eighth 30-point game this season…no other ACC player has more than two.
UNC’s 12 straight conference wins include just one tournament team and one bubble team.
Not so fast: Unbeaten in league play: Florida, Wichita State, Stephen F. Austin (25 in a row, 17-0 in conference.).
One more thing: The last time Michigan won the Big 10 regular season title outright was 1986.

Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Celebrate by watching some college hoops this weekend.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Welcome to Bracketville---Upset Weekend Edition

Dribble less, pass more, rebound like Hell---that’s my advice to the 68 teams headed to the dance.
The teams that made up last Monday's Top 25 had a combined record of 562-116 on the season—a winning percentage of 82.9%.
In the past seven days, though, they won just 63% of their 46 games.
On Saturday, half the Top-10 lost {first time since January 18, 2003}…four of the next ten lost as well.
Arizona has 10 top-50 RPI wins…and the Pac-12 regular season title.
Going back to the undefeated run, Syracuse hasn't scored more than 61 points in more than a month.
Belmont is the outright champion in the OVC.
21 in a row for Florida…if you’re scoring at home.
Gonzaga is 8-4 against the Top-100.
Clemson’s K.J. McDaniels leads the team in points, rebounds, 3-point goals, blocks and steals. At 6’6” he is the shortest player ever to lead the ACC in blocks.
Southern Miss is 11-5 away from home.
Indiana is 3-8 on the road and have four losses vs. sub-100 teams.
Since opening up at 15-0, Ohio State has gone 7-8. They had 367 games in a row with a three until yesterday’s loss at Indiana.
Maryland has finished under .500 in Conference play in nine of its final 11 ACC seasons.
Iowa had a mere five turnovers and four players score in double figures in their victory over Purdue.
Villanova won its 26th over the weekend…the most in school history.
Vermont wins the American east with a 15-1 record…and lost to Duke by just one point.
Wisconsin won its 7th in a row Sunday.
Four teams are tied for first in Conference USA with one game remaining.
Don’t think that Green Bay will be a pushover---wherever they are seeded.
Virginia was shooting 44.9% vs. the zone before winning against Syracuse. UVA’s Malcolm Brogdon has scored in double figures in every ACC game.
St. Louis is very turnover-prone.
San Diego State has 41 consecutive wins vs. California teams.
Sharpen your pencils for filling out your bracket…Selection Sunday is less than two weeks away. This year, our high scorer will receive a copy of “Wooden, A Coach’s Life” by Seth Davis.
Jason Brickman of LIU-Brooklyn became just the 4th player in NCAA history to record 1,000 assists. The other three all played on Tobacco Road…Bobby Hurley of Duke, UNC’s Ed Cota and NC State’s Chris Corchiani.
Since taking over at Kansas, Bill Self has more Big 12 Championships than losses at Allen Fieldhouse.
Louisville’s Strength of Schedule (120) is comparable to Wichita State (123)…and nobody squawks about Louisville’s schedule.
Joel Embiid’s health will be the deciding factor in how far I take Kansas in my bracket.
Michigan State is 4-6 in their last ten games.
Florida Gulf Coast won their league title with a 20-point victory at Northern Kentucky.
Not so fast: Unbeaten in league play: Florida, Wichita State, Stephen F. Austin.
One more thing: On Saturday, Syracuse (#4), Kansas (#5), Louisville (#7), Creighton (#9), St. Louis (#10), Cincinnati (#11), Iowa State (#15), Kentucky (#17) and  Michigan State (#18) all lost.

Congratulations!!! You made it to the end. Celebrate by watching some college hoops this week.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Curmudgeon in the Wry 561

Sunday, March 02, 2014---1018 Words---Average Reading Time: 3 Minutes, 11 Seconds. (A pointless waste of time---time frittered away)
Offending readers and hindering productivity one issue at a time since 2001.
Continuing to call them as I see them.
Virtually free of original ideas. 
Warning: Contains unsound bites from the apple of life.
Often wrong…never in doubt.
If you want this in a different language…move to a country that speaks it!
Gluten Free.
Completely biased.
Don’t forget to floss.
Low carb.
Rave: “Chinaman’s Chance” by Ross Thomas…arguably his best work.
Reading: “King and Maxwell” by David Baldacci.
On the Hi Fi: Dave Brubeck’s “New Wine.”
Under rated: George Brent.
Truism: I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.
Quote: “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” -- Ray Bradbury
Enough Already: The TV spots for Liam Neeson’s movie, “Non-Stop” have been just that.
TV Time Out: “Blue Bloods” has an incredible ensemble cast…one of broadcast television’s best ever.
Truism: Your cat knows more about you than you know about yourself.
Belated Birthday Greetings: February 6th marked the 75th that Raymond Chandler’s initial private eye novel, “The Big Sleep” was published. It is probably the genre’s most influential and long running private eye series of the 20th century.
Quote: “Nothing says goodbye like a bullet.”---Raymond Chandler, “The Big Sleep”
TV Time Out II: “Suits” returns at 9 PM this Thursday on USA Network. Can’t wait to see Rachel Zane.
Truism: Just because it is politically incorrect to mention that some people are incompetent, does not in any way make them any more competent.
Hmmm: How many government workers do you suppose could get a job at Starbucks?
All present: We all have one thing in common. We all want to lose at least ten pounds.
Didjaknow: In 2012, the biographies of nearly all the past presidents were changed on to include something about obama. What a narcissist!
Truism: Today would have been my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary if I’d met someone and got married in 1989.
TV Time Out III: Things sure happen fast in “Justified”—so many tense scenes. Bad guys turning on one another. The blurring between good guys and bad guys.
Raylan telling Wendy that Darryl killed Dilly is going to stir things up in Crowe clan. Who is this Uncle Jack that Kendal called?
The Crowe and Crowder marriage-of-convenience alliance should be a lot of fun. Boyd, Johnny and Hot Rod have switched sides multiple times.
I love the chemistry between Raylan and Allison…and Dewey Crowe’s comedic criminal enterprises.
Ava’s attempt to gain control of the prison heroin trade might not be too bright.
Hmmm: There’s a little-known fact that’s so little-known I have no idea of what it is.
Tip From Seth II: Don't do business with a stranger who calls you at home during dinner.
Axiom: A word to the wise is unnecessary…it’s the stupid people who need it most.
Truism: I had a senior moment the other day but can’t remember what it was.
Hmmm: Most people don’t seem to understand that the best way to learn is to ask questions.
TV Time Out IV: Looks like a new series villain to torment Finch and team in “the voice.” Lots of recurring villains in “Person of Interest.”
Wondering what Root is up to…she has been MIA the past few episodes…and little mention of Control or Vigilance.
Shaw letting Hersh live is a curious move. Allowing people to live is Shaw’s PDA.
Irony Alert: “We have to believe in free will. We’ve got no other choice.”--Isaac Bashevis Singer.
Date Night: Around this time in 1996, Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunication Act into law in order to prevent phone bills from skyrocketing to where they are now.
Quote: If you aren’t confused by quantum physics, then you haven’t really understood it.”--Niels Bohr.
Truism: Everybody runs faster in the dark.
Quote: “All good writing is rewriting.”—Hemingway.
Tip from Seth III: And never eat the macadamia nuts in the mini bar
Final TV Time Out: Still more lies being told than truths in “The Blacklist.” Looks we are about to gain some knowledge about Jolene/Lucy…finally.
Quote: “Federal programs initiated by liberals demand nothing of the recipients, but that they refuse to change their ways.”—Burt Prelutsky.
Truism: The problem with doing things to prolong your life is that all the extra years come at the end, when you’re old.
Hmmm: Most people tend to seek the advice they want to hear.
Truism: Anything called ‘Ye Olde’ isn’t.
Rant: The only thing unions will not tolerate is non-payment of union dues.
You Know You’re Old: If you remember when “Don’t ask, don’t tell applied to everyone.
Rant: When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.
Hmmm: Why does a person have to die before you learn about all the great things they did in their lifetime?
Irony alert: The Supreme Court is fascinated, if not obsessed with diversity. However all nine members have a degree from one of the eight Ivy League colleges. How diverse is that?
Truism: Sometimes, if a recipe calls for fresh ground and toasted coriander, I just substitute going out for dinner instead.
Final Thought: Shirley Temple was a once in a lifetime personality. Will Friedman in the WSJ encapsulated her far better than I could ever hope to, “She was not only the stuff that dreams are made of but hopes, aspirations, fantasies, the eternal spirit of mankind—all somehow crystallized in the form of a dimpled little curly topped moppet.”
My favorite movie with her is “Fort Apache” where she played Henry Fonda’s daughter, Philadelphia Thursday. She held her own playing opposite both Fonda and John Wayne.
If you can read this, thank a teacher.
If you can’t, thank the teacher’s union.
If you are reading it in English, thank a Veteran.
That is all.

As you were