Sunday, January 26, 2014

George Pelecanos---The Double

Lean and mean, “The Double” moves at great velocity…so hold on.

The story is as relentless as its protagonist. Spero Lucas is a noble man bringing his brand of justice to the streets of the D.C. area.

The main plot never clashes with the subplots…and all have meaning and help define Spero.

More than a whodunit…it has the feel of a chronicle of a few months of Spero’s life…how he thinks, acts, keeps his edge, applies his trade, assembles his associates and closes the deal.

All the story lines are resolved in credible fashion, leaving little need to suspend disbelief.

This is one terrific ride that is completely satisfying. Can’t wait for the third Spero.

If D.C. is your beat…this is a must. If crime fiction is your beat…this is a must.

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