Thursday, September 26, 2013

Curmudgeon in the Wry 550

Thursday, September 26, 2013---759 Words---Average Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 2 Seconds. (A pointless waste of time---time frittered away)
Offending readers and hindering productivity one issue at a time since 2001.
Chock full of extraneous intensifiers.
If you don’t have more questions than answers, you are not really living.
Continuing to call them as I see them.
Virtually free of original ideas. 
Warning: Contains unsound bites from the apple of life.
Often wrong…never in doubt.
If you want this in a different language…move to a country that speaks it!
Gluten Free.
Providing snap judgments and overreactions.
Filled with random nonsense.
Completely biased.
Don’t forget to floss.
Rave: Mile Davis. “So What” remains my favorite Miles track…what’s yours?
Reading: “The Quest” by Nelson DeMille.
On the Hi Fi: “Frank Sinatra, The Capitol Years.”
Under rated: Louis Litt.
Listen Up: Don’t forget to get your flu shot. Publix bills it directly to Medicare. No muss, no fuss, no pain, no waiting…what’s not to like.
Truism: Word of mouth remains stronger than social media.
TV Time Out: The setup on “Low Winter Sun” has been unbelievably tedious. Now, with just three episodes to go, the threads are starting to come together…slowly, slowly, slowly.
Rave: If James Garner is in it…I’m watching it.
Hmmm: If guns kill people…do pencils misspell words?
Truism: A manager can be appointed, a leader cannot. Leadership is earned over time.
Ever notice: You tend to like people who like you…and vice-versa.
TV Time Out II: It’s going to be an unbearably long hiatus before the final six episodes of season three of “Suits” appear in January. At least everyone is happy both personally and professionally as the Hessington Oil case is finally put the rest.
“Suits” is the coolest show on TV…the original “Ocean’s Eleven” type of cool. It’s the Cary Grant of cable TV dramas.
Rant: With the MLB post season about to start, we will be subjected to mediocre national voices that have barely a passing acquaintance with the intricacies of the participating teams.
Plus, most are deadly boring and phony as a three-dollar bill.
I subscribe to the Dwight Jaynes theory. Have the regular team broadcasters do the games.
They will execute the play-by-play and color with passion, insight and knowledge.
It makes zero sense to have MLB’s showcase productions manned by a bunch of cracker-jacks.
Hmmm: How come you never see a drive through Chinese restaurant?
Rave: There is no such thing as a bad Joel McCrea western.
Truism: You are who you act like during your worst moment.
Didjaknow: Little Richard and Jack Nicholson retired on the same day---two of the greats.
Hmmm: Wi-Fi free only at the less expensive hotels.
TV Time Out III: It’s just a four-week wait between halves of season four of “Covert Affairs.” Big changes ahead for Annie Walker.
Loved the line Joan delivered to Auggie after they were both let go from the CIA, “Auggie, report in. We might both be fired, but you still work for me.”
Rave: As a rule, I find that my favorite Elvis song is whatever one I am listening to at the moment.
Truism: An insane person never wonders if they are.
Hmmm: Hockey has always struck me as soccer on skates.
TV Time Out IV: “Person of Interest” is back and has made Sarah Shahi’s Shaw a regular member of the team. 
I loved her as Kate Reed in “Necessary Roughness”---a show cancelled far too soon.
Amy Acker’s Root is the most menacing and psychotic-scary TV villain since Mr. Jones as a Milwaukee mob hit man knocking people off in “Vegas.”
With Carter now a beat cop, she’ll have more opportunity to interact with Reese and Finch…and Fusco will continue to steal every scene he’s in.
It’s appointment TV.
Truism: You cannot
recover lost time…it is forever gone.
Final TV Time Out: “The Blacklist” passed muster for me. Of course, with James Spader in the lead role, that wasn’t difficult to see happening.
The season premier was mesmerizing---compelling characters, performances and twists.
Spader’s oddball charisma keeps things lively.
The abandoned post office as a black site is awesome…hope they use it lots.
Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride…you’ll get sucked in.
Final Thought: At the beginning, a true leader defines the goal. At the end, he thanks the troops.
If you can read this, thank a teacher.
If you can’t, thank the teacher’s union.
If you are reading it in English, thank a Veteran.
That is all.
As you were.

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