Saturday, April 13, 2013

Welcome to Bracketville--Alternative Scoring Edition

I decided to fritter away some time by seeing if different scoring systems would cause any major changes in our standings.

Carl handily won the high risk/high reward, seed-times-round method.

Using the simple one-point for each correct pick in round one, two-points for each correct pick in round two, etc.---Carl topped the list. There was some change in 2-5.

Using the method where each round is valued at 32 points yields similar results to the 1-6 value per round.

I like the high risk/high reward system. It may be tedious to score, but rewarding upsets along the way rather than giving higher value to the final rounds, has great appeal to my way of thinking.

Your thoughts!

By the way, a perfect bracket score using the high risk/high reward system was 557 points.

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