Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome to Bracketville---Sweet Sixteen Set Edition

The close of games Sunday offers a respite. Your life is no longer tethered to CBS or truTV or TNT or TBS. Eventually, when you get your life back in order, you will do the inevitable: Look ahead to the Sweet 16.
A tornado cut my power yesterday, but I saw the OSU/Iowa State game at the Y. I heard some of Kansas/UNC on Sirius driving home to assess the damage.
Cable did not resume until this afternoon. The power returned in time for the final 2:37 of the FGCU victory on the computer.
I got to see Duke/Creighton from the tip, but missed way too much of yesterday’s action.
Today power went out again from 10-2.

With time on my hands, I sat outside and went over the math for the first four days.
Many adjustments were made. You guys are not doing your homework and demerits are in order.
Thom benefited mightily from my errors, picking up 18 points. Jay, Eddie and Carl lost between 5-11. The loss certainly didn’t result in Carl losing his firm grasp on first place.
Before the tornado my neighbor had a huge oak that should have been removed long ago. It bordered my property…and was a constant worry for me.Yesterday that particular worry ceased. The tree now covers their pool and back yard.
It easily could have come my way.
The cleanup, repairs and tree removal are going to cost beaucoup more than taking the tree out years ago would have.
The Lord was looking out for me…once again.
The Sweet Sixteen has a pretty worthy assortment of teamsseeds, styles, experience, coaches and unlikely heroes are a true mixed beg.
All five Mountain West teams have hit the road.
Florida teams are 6-0. Who knew!
Be certain to check my math…let me know where I goofed it up.
Not so fast: Iowa State is the only team to have two vowels at the start of their name.
One more thing: Florida Gulf Coast has been in Division One for 591 days.
You made it to the end -- celebrate by watching some basketball.

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