Friday, March 15, 2013

Welcome to Bracketville---More Conference Tournaments Edition

I’m with Jay Bilas on conference tournament size. Make them all three-day affairs by bringing in the top eight teams in each league.
Freshman Ben McLemore of Kansas in unquestionably one of college basketball’s most exciting players---arguably among the very best.
He shoots 50.7% from the field, 43.7% from three and an astounding 86.7% from the foul line. Again, the kid is a freshman.
What amazed me is that in twelve of the 32 games played by Kansas, he has taken less than ten shots.
If anyone should be more aggressive shooting it’s McLemore. He scores 22.4% of the Kansas total. He averages just four foul shots a game.
As a comparison: Louisville’s Russ Smith, Duke’s Seth Curry and Creighton’s Doug McDermott have shot fewer than ten shots a games just four times each. Ohio State’s Deshaun Thomas, only twice. The nation’s leading scorer, Erick Green of Virginia Tech has shot in excess of ten every game.
Colorado State has the highest rebound margin (12.6) in the nation
Those Addias special uniforms are loader than a Megadeath concert, in extremely bad taste and have no redeeming social value. Even the home whites are atrocious. They are even worse on TV than they are in print.
Gonzaga’s Mike Hart has committed a miniscule eight turnovers in 552 minutes on the floor. Think about that one for a while.
He received zero scholarship offers coming out of high school…including Division II and III.
Hart showed up at a practice and became a walk-on for the Zags. He started 18 games this season.

The ACC Tournament is the third oldest, celebrating its 60th birthday this season.
Everyone is tired of hearing that Duke is undefeated with Ryan Kelly in the lineup. Doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Doesn’t mean it isn’t important.
Duke has five players who have scored at least 27 points in a game this season. First time in the Mike Krzyzewski’s stewardship.

Boston College has zero junior or senior scholarship players. That they gave senior-laden Miami all they could handle in the ACC quarterfinals was no surprise to me.
Coach Steve Donahue has kids who buy into his system and all have an exceptional work ethic. This is a highly disciplined and motivated team. They’ll be a huge factor in the ACC next year and for years to come.
Miami worked for this victory…not much rest for the starters.
Kenny Kadji picked up another double-double. Shane Larkin was brilliant on both offense and defense for the Canes.
Jim Larranaga is every ACC fan’s second favorite coach.
A pair of huge upsets in the MEAC Tournament. Norfolk State (16-0 in conference) and North Carolina Central (15-1) were the #1 and #2 seeds. Both lost in their opening games. Then the #3 and #4 seeds were eliminated. We’re looking at a weak 16-seed from the MEAC.
Bucknell set a new conference record with 28 wins. Mike Muscala is a future pro. They are the very worst at it in Division I at creating turnovers, making teams cough it up only 5.5 percent of the time. However, their turnover rate is the second lowest in the country.
For a while there I thought Iowa State hated the basket as they threw 19 three-point bricks at the backboard. Finally…at the under eight timeout they admitted it wasn’t working and gave the ball to Will Clyburn. Smooth move! Game, set, match.
Not so fast: Notre Dame has no seniors.
One more thing: No Florida starter played more than 27 minutes in their rout of LSU. They’re well rested.
You made it to the end -- celebrate by watching some basketball.

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