Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome to Bracketville---Fill in Your Bracket Edition

Brackets received from Tony, Dale, Eddie and Carl…so the game’s afoot.
Send yours in…The Jay Bilas book “Toughness” goes to the winner.
This hasn’t been the kind of year where the best team always wins.
Louisville’s Luke Hancock hit 57% of his threes over the past eight games.
Louisville’s Russ Smith is capable of keep both teams in the game.
Louisville is the best defensive team in the nation. In fact, they are the best defensive team in the 11-year history of the kenpom.com efficiency ratings.
35 programs have won the Tournament in its 75-year history.
Most wins this season vs. 1-13 seeds: Kansas 13, New Mexico 11, Louisville 10; Duke, Wisconsin and Indiana each have nine.
UNC is 2-8 vs. 1-13 seeds.
Syracuse has lost five of their last eight games.
Notre Dame’s Mike Brey is 2-5 in his five trips to the Dance.
Minnesota was 3-7 in their final ten games.
Memphis misses lots of free throws and commits lots of turnovers.
Michigan: 6-6 in their last dozen. The last team they beat away from home was Illinois in January.
Seems like another lifetime that Arizona was 14-0. Since that start, they are 11-7---beating just one NCAA Tournament team {Colorado}.
Liberty has the most losses of the 68 in the field…with 20.
Longest winning streak entering Tournament play is Davidson with 17.
Fastest team: Northwestern State with 73.5 possessions per game.
Slowest team: Pitt’s 60.2 possessions per game.
Lon Kruger becomes the first coach to bring five colleges to the Tournament---Florida, Kansas State, Illinois, UNLV and Oklahoma.
Kansas has the longest consecutive trips to the Dance with 24…Duke (18), Michigan State {16}, Gonzaga [14] and Wisconsin {14} round out the top five.
California, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are the states with the most bids---five apiece.
Kansas has three Division One colleges---they all made it.
Indiana, Michigan and Gonzaga score the most per 100 possessions. 123.2, 120.6, 119.8 respectively.
Best defenses per 100 possessions: Louisville (81), Florida (83.4) and Wisconsin (83.6).
Ten coaches in the South Region have made a Final Four.
Seven of the teams in the Midwest bracket are in the kenpom.com Top-20.
#1-seeds have more national titles {19} than the rest of the seeds combined [15].
Georgetown and Miami are the least efficient 2-seeds…Pacific and Iona are the most efficient 15-seeds.
The Big Ten has not produced a Champion since Michigan State in 2000.
Forbes has again come out with its list of the most valuable college basketball teams. Louisville, as it did last year, tops the list. The Cardinals are estimated to be worth $38.5 million. The Cardinals are followed by Kansas ($32.9 million), North Carolina ($32.8 million), Kentucky ($32.1 million) and Ohio State ($23.1 million) at fifth, where the drop-off really takes effect.
Duke is all the way at No. 11.
Not so fast: Of the 68 schools, 52 are Nike schools. 13 are Adidas and have the tacky uniforms. Under Armour has three.
One more thing: Not one team from Texas made the field of 68…the same number as Alaska.
You made it to the end -- celebrate by watching some basketball.

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