Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome to Bracketville--Bracket Deadline Edition

All sports are unpredictable. If they weren’t, who would watch?
Certainly nobody would fill out brackets if the outcomes were simple to deduce.
Tomorrow begins the bracket busting…a soul-crushing day. Some team you inked in for a long run will take an L.
As much knowledge as we accumulate over the 30-plus game season, it’s still difficult to separate the signal from the static.
At this time of year, touch-fouls, lane violations, blocks and charges become matters of national outrage.
To win six Tournament games, a team needs to either play better than their average season performance or get a few breaks. Doing both is better.
Everyone has the identical info to fill out a bracket {or three}. Throw in the hunches, the biases, the guesses and the second thoughts---and everybody has an equal chance to be really, really wrong. Good thing my motto is: often wrong, never in doubt. This time of year more than ever.
There is always much discussion about the buzzer-beater. Why not more talk about the players on the defensive end that prevent them?
Iona’s Momo Jones has reached 30 or more points six times.
Ohio State has won eight in a row.
I wish the NCAA would leave the distinct floors of the venues intact. The generic courts are a bore.
Arizona is dead last in the Pac-12 (276th in the nation) in 3-point percentage defense. Belmont is 18th at shooting threes {38.6%} and 12th in made threes. My concern for Belmont is playing at the Salt Lake City altitude---hope they have a deep bench, as they like to run and push the pace.
The 7-10 games seem as evenly matched as the 8-9 games this Tournament.
Florida did not win a game this season by fewer than ten points.
Over the last five Tournaments, the top four seeds ended their tourney with a single digit loss in 41 of 80 games.
Much is made of Florida going 0-6 in games decided by single digits. Is losing by double digits better? By the way, Indiana went 7-5 in single-digit games and Louisville 6-6.
Not so fast: Turns out Creighton’s Doug McDermott is really the best player from Harrison Barnes’ high school.
One more thing: MTSU’s loss last night does not mean they didn’t deserve a bid. Saint Mary’s is a very good team. Matthew Dellavedova is an extraordinary floor leader.
You made it to the end -- celebrate by watching some basketball.

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