Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome to Bracketville--Leader Board, Round of 64 Edition

There is one benefit when your bracket (as is mine) is FUBAR. You can cheer for the team you want, not the team you picked. I was loudly cheering for Florida Gulf Coast and Iona last night.
With an 11-5 performance TK zoomed to the top of the leader board. TK, Hardy and Thom are the only guys to post double-digit correct picks both days. Smooth moves!
Today and Sunday your correct picks are worth two-times-the-seed. Christian with Oregon (10-seed) moving on and Hardy with Ole Miss {12-seed} getting to the Sweet 16 have the most gain if those picks come through.

A few thoughts about Florida Gulf Coast.
This program could become a Gonzaga-like story if the coach decides to become a lifer at FGCU…and the University commits to the program.
They already have that Gonzaga “play anyone, anywhere” mentality. It paid off vs. Georgetown. No matter what happens on Sunday against San Diego State, they have achieved a reward for boldness.
Watching them on the court, I saw the Duke three-man weave, the Kansas swing-around passing game and at least three Princeton back-door cuts executed to perfection.
Andy Enfield can coach. FGCU is on record saying their goal is to become the largest university in Florida. The pieces of the puzzle are there. It will be interesting to watch the progress of these guys.
Crowd shots showing Andy Enfield’s supermodel wife, Amanda Marcum won’t hurt a bit.
FGCU had the stat of the night: every player on the team is older than the University.
By the way, none of us were prescient enough to pick La Salle or FGCU. Only Hardy had Ole Miss. Eddie, Thom, Hardy, TK and Terry had Minnesota.
Duke had to work very hard for a victory for a team shooting 58%. Four starters played between 32-35 minutes. That could take a toll on Seth Curry’s gimpy leg on just one day of rest. 31 minutes off the bench.
Creighton had to work even harder to squeeze by the relentless defensive effort of Cincy. Four Blue Jay starters were on the court for 36-38 minutes. Just 24 minutes off the bench. Cincy took 22 (52%) more shots than Creighton…yet only had four more offensive rebounds.
The Florida teams are 3-0 so far.
Be certain to check my math…let me know where I goofed it up.
Not so fast: Raise your hand if you have seen one promo for a Tru-TV show that you would watch after the Tournament.
One more thing: The Boss Button on the NCAA March Madness Live web site is just spectacular.

You made it to the end -- celebrate by watching some basketball.

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