Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome to Bracketville---And Then There Were None Edition.

On November 14th I made the following remarks:
My under-rateds are making me look good.
I still think Missouri and NC State will finish well below their preseason expectations.
I thought Duke was over-rated due to Seth Curry’s mystery injury…and to a lesser extent, Marshall Plumlee’s stress fracture. Plumlee’s injury leaves (left) them with a short bench. Curry’s possible loss of playing time was my big fear. Duke is a team that needs all three senior leaders playing their best to be a title contender. Without the full trio, bad things happen.
Texas A&M’s win over Kentucky was UK’s first home conference loss in Coach Calipari’s four year tenure.
In the loss, Nerlens Noel had his best game yet---15 points, 11 boards, seven blocks, six assists and four steals. This kid is great!
Illinois is a combined 5-for-38 from three in their two losses this week past---the victors, Wisconsin and Minnesota went 19-for-38 combined.
Go Figure: How does beating UNC, and then going out and losing to Wake Forest and Clemson make any sense. Ask UVA.
Louisville has handled injuries as well as any team this season.
If you can predict what Georgetown or Pitt will do from game to game, let me know.
OK, raise your hand if you had Texas A&M, Auburn and Mississippi State 2-0 in the SEC
Notre Dame is 46-2 in their last four-dozen home games---both losses were to UConn.
Louisville ranks third in the country in forced turnovers with 20.3 per game.
UCLA is starting to play some serious defense.
BYU has scored 80-plus points in five of the past six games.
Duke’s Coach K has coached the #1 team in the nation for 216 games…coached an unranked team 141 times.
Look again: How do you shoot 34.9% overall, 25% from three and 38.5% from the line and win? You’re Miami and play Maryland who shot 31.6%, 20% from 3 and were 8-18 from the line on their home court.
It seems at least somewhat inconsistent that the Big East won’t allow UConn in their tournament for poor APR scores…but the teams splitting from the league will be playing.
Belmont’s Ian Clark scored 62 points in two victories last week…in the pair of games, Belmont scored 197 points. (Not a typo). Belmont has won its first four conference games by a combined 114 points, if you’re scoring at home.
Coach Donovan’s son interned for Homeland Security and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
Stetson has outscored its Atlantic Sun opponents by just a single point over six games, but has won four of them.
Good win: UCLA over Colorado at Colorado.
If there is any justice, the Mountain West should have more teams in the NCAA Tournament than either the SEC or the ACC.
Mississippi’s ambushed Missouri, winning by 15. The Rebels have lost just two games this season…by a combined five points. Ole Miss pressured Missouri into 19 turnovers and limited them to a 2-for-18 night from three.
This week past created more questions than answers for me. So---at this moment, my Final Four is: Kansas, Louisville, Gonzaga and someone from the Big 10 (probably Michigan).
Louisville had my vote for #1 this week.
Lots of wonderful matchups this week: Louisville at UConn tonight, Baylor at Kansas later tonight. 
Creighton at Wichita State, Saturday, 4 PM, espn2, 4 PM. Gonzaga at Butler, Saturday, 9PM, ESPN. 
Thursday’s Michigan at Minnesota will feature a terrific guard matchup---Michigan’s Trey Burke vs. Andre Hollins---7 PM on ESPN. 
UNLV @ San Diego State on Wednesday at 10 PM.
Unbeatens remaining: The Duke Women are D1’s last undefeated standing.
Winless remaining: 2.
Not so fast: NC State had13 assists in the victory over Duke---all from Lorenzo Brown.
One more thing: Indiana missed 13 foul shots in the second half in their seven-point win over Minnesota. Danger Will Robinson.

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