Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why we lost.

Whether losing in a blowout or by a narrow margin, you still get the “L” and the other guy plays on.
In the 2012 election, the other guy playing for an additional four years will transform the USA to Greece. Basic free market economics tells that truth.

How the defeat happened is most troublesome to me.

I buy into the takers outnumbering the makers…just look at those liberal losers going from 99 weeks of unemployment to disability, with their free cell phones, food stamps and housing vouchers. How much fraud do you think is involved with those recipients? And, how much is encouraged by the current liberal regime?

The tactics employed by the Romney team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

I liken it to a Division I College Basketball game.

The start of the second half finds Romney down by four.

Team Romney goes on a 30-16 run…ahead by ten (four possessions) just before the final media time out.

Team Romney then decides to play “not to lose.”

Next thing you know, an expired shot clock, a dribble off the leg, a five second call, fouling a jump shooter (the cardinal sin), a couple of missed shots and an offensive rebound or two by the other guys and Team Romney is on the wrong end of a 14-2 run by the evil obama team.

Team Romney stopped doing what gave them a big advantage, played it too safe and got out of their winning rhythm.

How many times of we seen this in college basketball? It doesn’t work.

Romney never pressed his advantage, and changed the take-charge, take-no-prisoners style of the first debate.  

He allowed the other team to breathe and get back in the game…and eventually lost the country.

I do think Romney tried to win, a feeling I did see in McCain four years ago. Romney did not roll over.

Trying to run out the clock is a tricky proposition at best. When playing at a high level, you often shoot yourself in the foot.

We are doomed.

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