Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome to Bracketville---Feast Week Edition

Mississippi State is down to six scholarship players for the Maui Invitational…plus two walk-ons.
In their victory over Kentucky, Duke scored 1.7 points per possession.
I am already a big fan of Duke freshman Rasheed Sulaimon. So refreshing to have him instead of Austin Rivers. Sulaimon is a better outside shooter than Rivers and Rasheed does not have to dribble for ten seconds every time he touches the ball before deciding what to do.
This weekend is loaded with college hoops on TV…Thanksgiving day from noon to midnight.
Bruce Pearl is new low for ESPN.
Do not sleep on Colorado this season.
Kansas looks strong to me…each season, I think they are best passing team in Division I. This season, I feel the same way.
I am a fan of Alabama coach, Anthony Grant.
New Mexico is another team we in the east will not see much of on the tube…and they could win the Mountain West and are a Sweet Sixteen candidate.
Belmont’s win over Stanford (at Stanford) is a big deal. Played in the Pacific time zone, no one saw it, but let’s hope the Tournament committee remembers in March.
In the Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic last weekend, neither victor St. Joe, nor Notre Dame committed a foul in the initial 13 minutes.
Aside from poor shot selection, I think the early play this season is of a higher quality that usual in the first couple of weeks. The number of quality match-ups has something to do with it. It just appears to me there are fewer fouls and fouling out…crisper passing…more intensity on defense…and solid teamwork.
With the signing of 6’3” center Kendall Cooper, the Duke women have the #3 ranked incoming class for the 2013-2014 season. They have the #6, #10, #12 and #32 rated players on the way to the Gothic Wonderland.
Repeat after me: At home, shoot threes…on the road shoot foul shots.
I think Maryland moving from the ACC to the Big Ten (or14) is a mistake for every reason other than money. The nonrevenue sports will truly suffer. I just can’t see a big turnout when the women’s field hockey team travels to Nebraska. Men’s and women’s lacrosse could really be hurt. Lacrosse parents in the ACC travel to countless games. The Maryland lacrosse hotbed of talent will not be looking at Maryland as much as in the past, since the parents won’t be able to see their kids play the Carolina, Virginia and Boston universities on the road. I hope that means more recruits for Duke.
A poor shot selection is always available.
Scheduling college games outdoors is just stupid. It is simply evidence how lightly the powers that be take the sport in November. You don’t need silly side shows to attract fans.
Not so fast: Glad I didn’t list Texas as a team I felt was under rated.
One more thing: Before losing to Wichita in the Tuesday 11/13 Marathon, VCU had not lost in November since 2002.

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