Saturday, June 09, 2012

Jim Swain Appearance at B&N in Orlando on June 9, 2012.

Jim Swain gave a most entertaining reading, book talk and "sleight-of-hand and sleight-of-mind” demonstration in Orlando on 6/9/12 as part of his “Dark Magic” book tour.

The book’s protagonist, Peter Warlock, is a physic who uses his day job as a magician as his cover.

Jim’s editor at his new publisher, Tor, knew that Jim was a world-class magician and suggested a mystery series with a magician/physic as the central character.

Known for his meticulous research, Jim spent a lot of time investigating mind reading. He was initially skeptical of the You Tube videos on the subject, but said his eyes were opened to the possibilities.

He spent study time at The Rhine Research Center on Parapsychology, located near Duke in Durham, NC.

His demonstration on mind reading proved he was an apt student. It was an astounding display, punctuated with numerous ovations.

“I cannot yet read minds, I can read thoughts,” was his self-evaluation of his development. “I am a work in progress.”

He described mind reading as “sleight-of-mind.”

For further reading, he suggested, “My Passport Says Clairvoyant” by M.B. Dykeshoorn. It is a candid story of a remarkable Dutch clairvoyant who assisted police in finding missing persons and solving murder cases.

There will be more from Peter Warlock, his band of fellow physics and FBI Agent Garrison of the Pattern recognition Unit.

Bravo Jim! It was great to see you again.

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