Thursday, June 07, 2012

"Dark Magic" by Jim Swain.

“Dark Magic” confounded my assumptions about novels that inhabit the worlds of fantasy and the paranormal.
Jim Swain has created a unique protagonist in world-class magician Peter Warlock, surrounded him with colorful group of psychic allies and ruthless adversaries.

F.B.I. Agent Garrison is a strong character as well. I hope to see more of him in future novels.

Seeing into the future, Peter and his cohorts attempt to prevent a catastrophic disaster in Times Square.

They are amateurs in crime solving and crime fighting, but are understandably reluctant to bring in the authorities in order to protect their identities and particular skills.

The plot is intriguing and not entirely implausible. The details of magic, visions and witchcraft are as important as the story.

Jim Swain hits the sweet spot between reality and fantasy.

The plot is unpredictable and moves at great velocity, both forward and backwards…creating a time tunnel between past and present.

“Dark Magic” is compulsively entertaining, addictive and filled with tight, fluid writing.

You might have to put it down because you have to work the next morning, but you definitely won’t stop thinking about the quirky, inventive plot.

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