Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Welcome to Bracketville---My Old Kentucky Home Edition

This year really proved how valuable getting the latter rounds correct can be. Mediocre starts by Chuck, Luke Winn, Seth Davis and yours truly were overcome by logging in 24 points in the last five games.

Of course, Eddie proved it's always better to get a bunch correct at every stage of the bracket.
I could go on and on about UK's eight point victory, but all I need to say is that they very, very good. They hustle the entire 40 minutes, are unselfish, defend, pass exceptional well and play a team game.

Davis and MKG are a joy to watch…and neither one has a single tattoo…hard not to like them, no matter who your favorite team is.

Say what you want about Coach Cal and his explotation of the one-and-done situation, but he didn't invent it---be simply has adapted better than anyone else.

I detest the rule, right up there with the alternate possession on tie-ups and being subjected to Clark Kellogg.

However, as long as it is there, a coach is a fool not to use it to his advantage. Just remember, certain coaches adapted faster to the three-point-shot than others (a certain guy with a difficult name to spell beginning with K was an early adapter on that one).

No one-and-done in the women's game, and that's a big reason why I enjoy their game.

Tonight I'll be cheering for Skylar Diggins and the girls from Notre Dame. Go Irish!

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