Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome to Bracketville---Tee Shirt Edition

I’ll miss Robbie Hummel…he personifies all that is great about college basketball.
Wisconsin finds a way to make plays late, they come up with hustle plays, especially loose rebounds, and they consistently have big-shot takers and -- more important -- makers.
The first half of the Murray State-Marquette contest might have been the most entertaining of any of the first-weekend games. Both teams were exhibiting terrific effort at a high-paced clip. I was exhausted just watching.
The more games he plays, the more Jae Crowder shows he was the clear choice for Big East Player of the Year.

Does VCU ever play a dull postseason game?
The No. 13-seeded Ohio Bobcats — became the first such seed to make a Sweet 16 since Bradley in 2006.
UNC has lost three guards to injury this season---backup point guard Leslie McDonald to an ACL before the season began, Dexter Strickland in January, and now Kendall Marshall. Them’s the breaks…but it is a shame for Marshall. I can’t feel sorry for Roy Williams, however.
Not one buzzer-beater attempt went in the first two rounds. Zero overtime games as well.
There were lots of near misses as 21 games were decided by two possessions or less…so, the big picture was still incredible.
The last time an ACC team scored as few points (45) as Virginia did in their first round loss to Florida was before the shot clock and the three-point shot…1985.
As you watch Carolina games, watch Harrison Barnes. Notice how he is almost always the second to the play, unless he’s shooting. Rebounds, loose balls, block-outs, etc. are not his forte.
25 percent of the Sweet 16 is comprised of schools from the state of Ohio.
Only three of the 16 schools remaining actually won their conference tournaments. Two of them (Michigan State and Louisville) will play each other in the Sweet 16.
Six of the Sweet Sixteen won their regular-season titles.
Eight of the Top10 teams in RPI are in the Sweet Sixteen. MIA are Duke (5) and Missouri (10).
The lowest-RPI team to win a tournament game was # 189 Western Kentucky.
For just the fifth time this century, the football national champion (Alabama) also made the NCAA Tournament.
The Big Ten (Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Indiana) and Big East (Syracuse, Marquette, Cincinnati, Louisville) comprise 50 percent of the Sweet 16.
There are only three schools left that rank in the top 10 of offensive and defensive efficiency at KenPom.com. They are Kentucky (No. 2 in offense, No. 9 in defense), Ohio State (No. 6 in offense, No. 1 in defense) and Michigan State (No. 8 in offense, No. 3 in defense).
The good news is that Clark Kellogg will not be on any of the Thursday games. The bad new: he’ll be doing the Kentucky/Indiana game---but that should be the lead game on the Westwood One radio Network.
Not so fast: Among the first 32 tournament games played in the round of 64, 10 were won by the higher seed.
One more thing: People who've spent hours gaming out their brackets, saw them instantly shredded. You almost have this unstoppable urge to root against yourself. So when you wake up to the cold light of morning and the ugliness that is your hopelessly busted bracket, know this: Nobody has ever had this much fun in a losing effort.
Did you see this Tee Shirt from the UNC Bookstore?

You gotta love the Tobacco road rivalry. It's fair game and good for UNC. If I can wear this tee, they can have their moment as well.

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You gotta love the Tobacco road rivalry. It's fair game and good for UNC