Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to Bracketville---Sweet Sixteen Set Edition

Tony remains in the lead going into the Sweet Sixteen, with Hardy trailing by two points and Eddie and Chuck just another point behind. Tony has more Elite Eight teams alive, so his chances look pretty good. Sweet Sixteen games are worth three points each and the weekend games are worth four, so anything can happen.

Most of the 48 games in the past four days were most competitive...and many a surprise to be sure.

Kendall Marshall's wrist injury could be the biggest news of the weekend. His value to UNC in immeasurable. I cannot understand why Roy Williams kept him on the floor when the game was in the bag.

It took poise, discipline and resilience for NC State to beat Georgetown in a great game.

Ohio is a whole lot better than most people expected.

The Indiana/Kentucky rematch is set.

Baylor and Xavier features two teams who under achieved this year...with redemption for the victor.

Syracuse and Wisconsin will be interesting. Wisconsin, like Vandy shoots a ton of threes. If the fall in on the Orange Zone then Bo Ryan takes his team to the Elite Eight.

Cincinnati and Ohio State, an intrastate battle won't be easy, but I see OSU advancing.

Michigan State will take a methodical approach focused on rebounding and discipline against Louisville and Rick Pitino, who has always preferred a frenetic pace. A most interesting match-up.

How do you pick between Marquette and Florida? This one will be a dandy.

UNC, with or without Marshall will have to contend with Ohio's terrific guard play...but UNC has a big advantage in the front court.

Kansas and NC State would have seemed a mismatch on paper a couple of weeks ago. However, one can see State's confidence growing with every play. They'll play Kansas tough.

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