Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to Bracketville---Goal Tending Edition.

In a true anomaly, this weekend had exactly two games between ranked teams.

Buffalo point guard Jarod Oldham has 110 assists this season and only 80 shot attempts. That's a selfless point guard. Best of all, he shoots just 27 percent from the floor, so almost three-quarters of his shots still give his teammates an opportunity to get involved. He even has seven more steals than field goals.

Old Dominion will be wearing blue uniforms at home and on the road for the rest of the regular season, because their home whites and some basketball shoes were stolen from the team locker room over the weekend. That's a smart thief. Millions of people wear authentic Old Dominion jerseys around the country, so sporting one won't make anybody suspicious.

Missouri forward Ricardo Ratcliffe is shooting 67.9 percent from the line this season. That's not extraordinary. However, he's shooting 75.4 percent from the field, which A) puts him on pace to break Steve Johnson's 31-year-old Division I record for field goal percentage in a single season and B) makes absolutely zero sense.

Duke struggles getting out on perimeter shooters, gets caught up in screens all too often and just doesn’t communicate as well as past teams. They would be a lot better off if Austin Rivers realized there were four other Blue Devils on the floor.

After this afternoon’s uninspired win, Duke is 18-3…but they have lost the second half in seven of their 21 games.

Rivers has the lowest FG% of anyone on the Duke roster. Of the five top minutes-played guys he is a solid #5 in effective FG pct.

Maryland started the season with as many walk-ons as healthy scholarship players. New coach, Mark Turgeon has overcome that handicap pretty well.

UConn’s defense is allowing more than one point per possession in Big East Conference play.

Iowa State is the best team in all Division I basketball in plays run after timeouts…first in points per play (1.14), adjusted field goal percentage and scoring percentage (49.4%).

In conclusion, the newly released Nike platinum uniforms are just hideous. Fortunately, Nike bestowed them on only nine teams.

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