Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome to Bracketville---Exams are over--Let the games begin again Issue.

Louisville despite all their injuries is undefeated and off to their best start in 15 years…and pretty damn great on defense. They run the break as well as any team in the country this season.

Even though Baylor got the “W” on a last minute tip-in vs. BYU; the Cougars won the rebounding battle in most impressive fashion, 41-26 (16-5 on offensive boards). Even more astounding is the fact that BYU grabbed the first 14 rebounds of the game.

Gonzaga defeated Arizona by eleven points…even while going a pathetic 3-20 from the three-point distance.

Florida’s perimeter players are as good as anyone’s.

Indiana State lead Vanderbilt fro start to finish. At Vandy!!! Lest we forget, Vandy was a preseason #7 pick. Hmmm.

And, what’s going on with Villanova? It looked like St. Joe’s was dunking on every other trip down the court in their crushing victory over Nova on Saturday.

If, like me, you feel the “U” in ESPNU stands for unavailable, there is nothing quite like

Two under-the-radar teams that no one will want to face in the NCAA Tournament: Kansas State and Louisville.

Oral Roberts’ 22 point victory over Xavier was the most lopsided loss inflicted on Xavier at home in a dozen years.

New Mexico’s Drew Gordon couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat in their ten-point win over Oklahoma State in OKC---but he did grab 20, yes twenty, rebounds.

Oakland rallied from down 17 points in the second half in their victory at Valparaiso.

Virginia is looking more and more like they could be the #3 team in the ACC this season. A healthy Mike Scott is making a big difference…and their coaching is top drawer.

In the Louisville win over Memphis, Russ Smith racked up seven steals…in addition to his 24 points.

Ohio State sophomore Deshaun Thomas went an unconscious 23-of-29 in two games last week.

North Dakota State shoved Washington around on their home court (a 19 point victory)…Nate Wolters had a pretty stout stat line for State…34 points, seven assists and five rebounds.

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