Saturday, December 03, 2011

Michael Connelly Event, Orlando, 11/30/11

On November 30th Michael Connelly gave a talk, took questions and signed books for over 500 folks at the Orlando Barnes and Noble.

Here are some of the nuggets I jotted down.

The inspiration for “The Drop” was the double helix symbol for DNA.

He wants his books to be as realistic as possible…since all cops are working multiple cases at any given time, this time we follow Harry on a pair of cases.

“The Drop” has different meanings at different times in the book.

His next book is a Harry Bosch. He said that he has to write as many Bosch novels in the next five years as he can since his time with Harry is precious.

In the next couple of months, the rights to Harry Bosch revert back to him from Hollywood. Then he’ll have an opportunity to negotiate a favorable deal for a movie deal.

The “Lincoln Lawyer” movie did great things for his backlist.

He told how he plants a (character) seed in a book that gets picked up in some future book(s).

He’s not done with Cassie Black (“Void Moon”). The difficulty in bringing her back is that in “Void Moon” she made the biggest decision of her life…now he’s got to find the second most important decision for her.

“The Poet” is close to being made into a movie; but in Hollywood, close means a lot of things. In other words---believe it when you see it.

In the new mystery writer category he recommends checking out “Shortcut Man” by P.G. Sturges.

It is always a pleasure to attend a Michael Connelly event. There were a number of ovations as fans were thrilled to hear certain developments.

My opinion: Michael Connelly is the finest crime fiction writer extant.

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