Saturday, May 07, 2011

Welcome to Bracketville---Gary Williams Retires Edition

Fastball pitcher, Gary Williams threw everyone a curveball when he announced his retirement.

At age 66, he looks a generation younger.

In 33 years of coaching, Gary Williams, like Bobby Knight and Coach K, never had so much as a whiff of cheating intimated. He was a straight shooter.

Dean Smith and Coach K are the only ACC coaches with more ACC victories than Gary Williams. They are also the only other coaches with longer ACC tenure.

He’s the only coach to take Maryland to the Final Four.

When his Maryland team won the 2002 national championship, he became the only men’s ACC coach outside the Triangle area (Duke, UNC, NC State) to win it all.

With his retirement, FSU’s Leonard Hamilton is second in ACC tenure.

Gary Williams went three years without a technical foul until the last game of the regular season this past March.

I’ll miss him and hope he truly enjoys his retirement.

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