Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to Bracketville---Tournament Day One Edition

Only Missouri and Louisville prevented Tony from having a perfect opening day, so he is in lead by two games. On to day two.

No matter has disheveled your bracket looks after day one…you got your money’s worth in every game. I don’t think there was a game that was supposed to be competitive that did not live up to expectations.

So many came down to the final possession…you cannot ask for more.

My-oh-my…a shot clock on the first CBS broadcast. That’s a positive. Now if they would dump Clark Kellogg, we’d be jake.

Twelve lead changes in the first half of the Butler/ODU game…didn’t take long for exciting action. ODU was good on the boards with a dozen offensive rebounds (26 total), but Butler had 15 and 27 total. Not often ODU gets out-rebounded.

Of the Blue Devils' 15 non-conference games this season, eight were played against teams that made the NCAA tournament. Duke was 7-1 in those games. The Devils were also 3-2 against ACC teams that made the NCAA tournament.

Penn State took just six foul shots, while Temple went 13-15 from the line. Only 18 total turnovers in the game. PSU was 42% from the three.

There were 45 fouls in the Clemson/West Virginia game…both teams went 80% from the line.

Is it just me, or do the tattoos increase in number and become more hideous each year?

Just 15 turnovers in the Princeton/Kentucky game…only 19 total fouls and both teams made just six foul shots. Kentucky tied North Carolina with 102 wins in the NCAA tournament, the most all-time.

UNC-Ashville made Pitt think for the first 20 minutes…very scrappy team with no player taller than 6’5”. Pitt grabbed 54 rebounds. Good for Coach Biedenbach to get everyone in the box score.

Morehead State out-rebounded Louisville 43-29. Kenneth Faried notched his 28th double/double…and we’ll get to see more of him and that will be a treat, no matter what it did to my bracket.

The shot by Temple’s Juan Fernandez was truly a “buzzer-beater” with 0.4 seconds showing on the clock. Never more than a four point difference entire second half.

The March Madness On Demand app for the iPad gets an A-Plus from me. Of course, the iPad has a lot to do with it. Once you have a game running the initial time, the switch between games is nearly seamless. Picture clarity is superb.

Looked like a whole lot of empty seats in Tampa for the Florida/UCSB game…I thought it would be a full house.

Florida, UConn, Gonzaga, Pitt and Kansas State looked strong to me. Kansas State’s Coach Frank Martin still looks like Dick Tracy to me.

Gutsy finish for Michigan State to come back from 20 down. Says a lot about Coach Izzo and the players.

Jimmer Fredette is worth the price of admission…he’s scored over 30 points in five of BYU’s last six games.

Gonzaga’s rebounding was most impressive…a 41-18 margin…wow. Gonzaga has won ten in a row.

Florida’s win was the team’s first in the tournament since winning the 2007 Championship game.

Kemba Walker led UConn with 18 points as well as a career-high 12 assists for a UConn tournament record.

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