Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to Bracketville---It's Anybody's Game Every Night Edition

At this time last season, 2010 runner-up, Butler was not ranked in the Top 25.

Wisconsin’s 76-66 win over Illinois had 54 fouls called…about one every 45 seconds…ridiculous! The bright side of that stat---Wisconsin guard, Jordan Taylor was 16 for 18 from the foul line.

Three of San Diego State’s four conference wins thus far have come on the road.

When UNC lost to Georgia Tech over the weekend, they hit just 27.6% of their shot…UNC’s lowest field goal percentage since1956!

By the way, Georgia Tech was ranked 12th in the ACC in field goal percentage and field goal percentage defensive…in a 12 team league.

LSU was pretty terrible in their 82-44 weekend loss to Kentucky. LSU’s Andre Stringer was the worst of the worst, going zero for ten from beyond the arc. This is the same Andre Stringer whose 3-point shooting percentage is 32---how can he possibly think it’s reasonable to attempt a three, let alone ten?

Even with freshman Jared Sullinger nabbing nearly ten rebounds a game, Ohio State was outrebounded by a total 14 in their past three games. In Big 10 conference games, Ohio State is ranked seventh in rebounding margin.

Home teams have won more than 63% of their ACC games in the 57-year history of the league.

Last season home teams won 68.8% of the time.

Since 1997, Duke has won 88.4% of its ACC games in Cameron. On neutral courts, Duke has won an extraordinary 86.5% of their games.

Even more remarkable, Duke’s winning percentage is 70.5% in ACC road games in that time span…only one losing season in those 14 seasons.

From midseason 1998 to February 14, 2001, the Blue Devils won 24 straight ACC road games…truly remarkable.

For the eighth consecutive week, only one ACC school is ranked in the AP poll. From 1969 through November 2010, the ACC had only one team ranked on just three occasions. At least two ACC teams were ranked in every poll from March 1977 until last month.

No matter how exciting and enjoyable the season has been, there is very little excellence to be seen. I see excellence in Pitt, Kansas, Ohio State…maybe Syracuse…perhaps UConn.

After that there are a lot of good teams that can win on any given night. After watching Alabama beat Kentucky, I have dubbed this the season “where you really never know where your next unexpected loss will be.” There have been many, many unpredictable games---not just upsets, but wins that should never have been that close.

I have no idea how to rate San Diego State, since we don’t get to see them in the East (same with BYU). However, I do know that not many teams beat New Mexico in The Pit in Albuquerque, especially a good New Mexico team.

Illinois and Missouri are two teams I would not want to play in the NCAA Tournament.

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