Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to Bracketville, PreConference Tournement Edition 1.0

Is there a college other than Princeton that has an offense named after it?

Princeton’s senior guard Dan Mavraides averaged 26 ppg last season…shooting an amazing 60% from three-point range.

Last season only one team was able to score more than 70 points against Princeton…California.

Last season Texas was the third worst Division I team in free throw shooting (63.3%). These woes continue so far this season.

So far this season, UNC is 46-80 from the line.

So far Duke freshman point guard, Kyrie Irving, has 20 assists and only three turnovers. However, next week Duke starts playing the adults: Marquette, probably Kansas State [in KC], Michigan State, @ Oregon and Butler in a twelve-day period.

The best college basketball game of the week was the UConn women barely hanging on against Baylor to preserve their 80-game winning streak.

Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl was suspended by the SEC for improprieties? I wasn’t sure the SEC even knew what improprieties were, never mind penalizing a coach for them.

Many of the early season tournaments have had some exciting games. Pitt looks strong…able to find a way to win.

Maryland is another Gary Williams over-achieving team So far, just barely losing. They’ll be a factor once the ACC season starts.

Texas starting off strong…can they keep it up or will they lose focus like last season?

North Carolina’s C.J. Leslie appears to be as good as advertised.

Did anyone really think any visiting team would defeat Louisville on opening night at the Yum Center? Butler’s going be just fine.

A bunch of good games on TV Sunday. Stay tuned.

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