Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome to Bracketville, November Tournaments Edition 1.0

What I saw and learned from some of the November Tournaments.

Kansas City’s Sprint Center court had more decals than a Sprint Cup car.

Oddly enough, during both Duke games the Duke Radio Broadcast was in perfect sync with the TV, so I got the full home treatment as well as a more detailed play-by-play.

Even so, it took a while to adjust to both Duke and Kansas State having an Irving and a Kelly on the floor.

Is there anywhere where No. 1 Duke can play where fans will remain neutral?

Duke’s Kyrie Irving might be the most gifted player in Division I this season. In his opening five games he has 33 assists and just 11 turnovers; made 48% of his field goal attempts (42% on three-point shooting); 91% of his foul shots. And, he plays tenacious defense.

Nice to see Duke dusting off the high ball screens, not seen to this extent since Gerald Henderson’s 2008-2009 season.

Duke’s ability to switch off K-State’s ball screens was a work of art…something you would expect from a far more veteran team.

Calling the first four fouls on Kansas State as well as a pair of three-second calls helped take the predominately Kansas State crowd out of it.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s Duke teams are 107-10 in November…20-11 record in games in which both teams were ranked in the top five…171-24 in games when Duke was ranked number one.

Duke transfer, Seth Curry’s initial shot against a ranked team resulted in a four-point play.

Cruising the other tournaments, I am most impressed with Kentucky’s Brandon Knight and Terance Jones; UConn’s Kemba Walker; Michigan State’s Draymond Green and Washington’s Justin Holiday.

I just hope Michigan State plays like they did against Chaminade and UConn in the Maui Invitational when they come Cameron Indoor next Wednesday for the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

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