Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to Bracketville, Exhibition Season Editon

Coach’s mantra: Better good freshmen than mediocre seniors.

Tennessee’s Scotty Hopson is the final Top-10 national recruit from’s Class of 2009 rankings who is not in the NBA.

Pitt returns five of last season’s top six scorers. The last time Pitt went to the Final Four was 1940-1941. Last year Coach Jamie Dixon tied the NCAA coaching record for most wins in his first seven years.

Quote: “If the NCAA had been in charge of Normandy, we would’ve attacked Greece and given our soldiers all the wrong ammunition.”—Bob Knight.

During the last four years, Butler has been ranked in the AP Top 25 for all but ten weeks.

Miami has just one senior on the roster…Adrian Thomas.

San Diego State returns all five starters from last season’s team.

Duke may or may not win another title this season—odds are against them, just like they are against everyone else—but it’s going to be a fun bunch to watch.

An overlooked positive for teams having juniors and seniors playing together for a while is that they not only know their own system, they know the systems of their conference foes as well.

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