Saturday, April 03, 2010

Welcome to Bracketville, Population 9, Version 3.2

Happy Birthday to Doris Day!

Six games left. Do not overlook the Women’s Final Four and Championship games on Sunday and Tuesday. All four finalists feature some spectacular athletes who will give you a bunch of thrills if you tune in.

Quote: “This has been a great NCAA Tournament — reason enough not to expand it.
Or have you heard one person complain about it?
It’s been just the opposite. It’s been a tournament full of upsets and great games, full of suspense.” —Bill Reynolds, Providence Journal.

Butler drew 29,000 fans for their practice.

Butler coach, Brad Stevens, is the youngest coach (at 33) to reach the Final Four since Bobby Knight got there in 1973 at the age of 32.

Jim Nantz puts me to sleep and Clark Kellogg makes me toss my cookies. I am eternally grateful to Westwood One’s radio coverage.
Find a Westwood One affiliate in you area. Boy, do I miss Billy Packer.
The Big Ten has the best record in the tournament this season at 10-4. Big 12 is 8-6, SEC at 6-4, Big East is 8-7, and ACC is 7-5.

During Coach Krzyzewski’s tenure, Duke is the fourth winningest men’s basketball program of all time. He has produced 55 All-Americans, 11 Players of the Year and between 1996-2007 spent 200 consecutive weeks in the AP Top 25.

The Big East has won the NCAA Men’s Championship five times. Georgetown, Villanova, Syracuse and UConn (twice).

I fail to understand why the media continues to give praise and positive press to WVU’s coach (T)Huggins. During his 16 years at Cincinnati, his player’s graduation rate was 28%. When the school bought out his contract in 2005, Cincinnati’s president cited a “lack of character” as the reason. While in charge of the basketball program at Cincinnati, 21 players had “significant encounters with law enforcement.” He is a disgrace. Simply despicable.

Duke has held its eight opponents below their average shooting percentage. Baylor was the first to shoot better than 40 percent.

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