Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to Bracketville, Population 9, Version 2.3

Jay has a pretty safe lead at this point. With three Final Four teams left, he's looking good.

Hmmm: When we had 64 teams lined up and ready to go, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth about Duke being a #1 seed. Now they are the last #1 seed suiting up. They could meet their match in Baylor late this afternoon.

If the finals on April 5th feature Tennessee and West Virginia, my interest will be zero. I’ll be watching “Giant” on TCM.

UT’s Bruce Pearl and WVU’s Bob (T)Huggins repulse me.

Twice this season, Duke has won while shooting less than 30% from the floor…something they had not done since 1950.

Duke’s victory over Purdue in the Sweet 16 was a tale of two games. Duke shot 24.1% in the first half along with 11 turnovers…in the 2nd half they shot 57.7% with three turnovers.

West Virginia is tough to beat; even tougher to watch.

Rant: The late start times for games in the first three rounds sucks…especially in the East (the most populous USA time zone). Xavier and Kansas State’s double overtime game was still going on at 12:30 on Friday morning. And, you thought only MLB was stupid at scheduling major events.

Baylor 46-St. Mary’s 17---at the half…maybe the best 20 minutes in the tournament so far.

Butler could have folded at 4:49 in the second half against KSU. However, as they did against Syracuse, they turned it up a notch…this time scoring nine unanswered points with the score tied at 54. Great team basketball. Butler is tough as nails, very disciplined and extremely well coached.

Teams coming off an OT win in the tournament have now lost 10 straight games.

Gordon Hayward had 22 points for Butler, his first 20-point game since February 11th.

“Hoosiers II”: Butler making the Final Four in their hometown is a Hollywood story. It’s the Frank Capra type…not a BS James Cameron perversion.

How smart am I? In the first round, I had UTEP beating Butler. Maybe that is why I am #372,510 in the CBS Sports Bracket Challenge and #2,064,083 in ESPN’s challenge.

With Kentucky's loss, the Wildcats now have nine defeats as a No. 1 seed, tying North Carolina for the most since seeding began in 1979. Duke and Kansas are next with eight losses.

Kentucky outrebounded WVU 45-34 (22-9 offensive), but when you make six more three-point shots, it usually leads to victory. Neither team excelled on the free throw line.

Baylor is the only private school in the Big 12.

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