Thursday, September 17, 2009

Letter to my congressmen

Common sense tells me you cannot give better coverage to those who have insurance, put millions more people into the system, pay for it by ending waste and fraud, claim you will lower health care costs, create a government-run exchange, include health care coverage and not spend a dime---all at the same time.

A government-run insurance program will not spur competition. In reality, it is next to impossible for private insurance companies (already heavily regulated) to compete with a government run entity.

How do you expect anyone to believe government reforms of health insurance will not increase costs? It is impossible to insure an additional 50 million (or whatever number is currently in fashion) without increasing costs or reducing benefits for the other 250 million of us who are basically satisfied with out health care insurance.

Why did the democrat party vote down amendments that would prohibit coverage for illegals and abortions? It is impossible to believe they will not be covered unless specifically excluded in writing. Specific language through amendments that would explicitly bar these coverages must be a part of any reform bill.

Please do not insult us by claiming that waste, fraud and abuse will pay for whatever plan is adopted. The CBO report on the cost of H.R. 3200, Schedule F estimates that between 2010 and 2019 a whopping $0.1 billion in overpayments would be recouped.

Moreover, since when do we need a bill passed to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse? That should be standard operating procedure every hour of you life as a public servant. Just sic the Justice Department or the Inspector General at Health and Human Services on Medicare providers who are cheating the government.

Additionally, just what excessive profits insurance companies take under the current system is the president talking about? According to the Wall Street Journal and ratings firm Morningstar, for profit health care companies had an average 3.4% profit margin over the last year. That places them 87th out of 215 industries. This shows a lack of understanding about the concepts of overhead and profit.

Tort reform, with unambiguous language, needs to be included via an amendment to any bill under consideration. Malpractice insurance premiums are what the medical profession currently considers a part of overhead.

These are just a few of the concerns that need to be addressed and repaired.

Please---stop trying to sell the population a fairy tale.

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