Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Letter to my congressmen

Ken Van Durand
Box 797
Florida 34786

TO: Alan Grayson

I would appreciate honest answers to the following questions about health care insurance reform.

Will you oppose any healthcare reform bill that uses my tax dollars to pay for abortions?

Will you oppose any healthcare reform bill that in any way promotes euthanasia?

Why are Congress and the president pushing through a healthcare bill that would cost another trillion dollars over the next ten years? Shouldn't we concentrate on getting the debt under control first?

How can government promise to do more with less? Will you oppose any healthcare reform bill that in any way limits my access to healthcare or medicines recommended by my doctor?

Why are you imposing additional mandates and taxes on small businesses, which create the overwhelming majority of new jobs, in the middle of a severe recession?

Why are you trying to force us in the direction of more government involvement in healthcare when everywhere government-run healthcare has been tried, quality declines and care is rationed?

Why are you and the White House rushing this bill through Congress and ignoring the concerns of the American people as the polls clearly show?

Why do you believe bureaucrats can make better decisions than I can about what kind of health insurance I should have? In addition, will you guarantee that any healthcare reform bill passed by Congress will always allow me to choose my own doctor?

Why are you throwing affirmative action/racial set asides into a healthcare reform bill?

Isn't it clear that not allowing insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing medical conditions would drive up the cost of health insurance for everyone?


Ken Van Durand
Wednesday, August 05, 2009

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