Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Letter to my congressman, Alan (dis)Grayson (D)

To: Alan Grayson---

As a constituent, I feel that I deserve an answer to a couple of questions due to your vote in favor of the Cap & Trade bill.

1- How much more should I expect to pay for my electricity as a result of this bill?

2- What companies/industries lobbied you to lower the bill’s cost for them, and what did you give them?

3- What are you going to do with all the money raised by these new taxes---reduce the deficit or spend it on other big government projects?

4- When can we expect “global warming” to end as a result of this legislation?

5- Did you read the bill before voting for it?

6- Will you have the courage to sign the pledge to read the Health Care bill and have it available on the Internet for the voters to study before voting on it?

The cap and trade bill you voted for seems to me like another new tax and one more example of the government picking winnings and losers.

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