Sunday, July 26, 2009

Letter to congressmen on health insurance legislation

To: Senator Bill Nelson

I am a constituent and have a number of questions on the proposed health insurance bill.

Are you planning to read the bill prior to casting your vote?

Will the bill increase the deficit…how much?

Will the bill increase taxes…how much?

What new fees and fines does the bill initiate?

How does the bill make the health insurance marketplace freer or better?

How will the bill improve the economy?

Why are illegals given coverage? Should I do something illegal, I go to jail. Illegals break our laws and are rewarded with health care. How is that justified?

Entering these illegals into the health insurance system without a simultaneous increase in health care professionals will strain the system. This will make it increasingly difficult for legal U.S. citizens to obtain the level of care we enjoy now. This leads to rationing. How do you propose entering these illegals into the system without more doctors and nurses?

The clause in the House bill that mandates end of life counseling for Medicare recipients (pages 425 to 430) on such matters as resuscitation and life extending treatment is an assault on the elderly. It is a ghoulish, macabre, Orwellian proposal. Where do you stand on this portion of the bill?

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