Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 NCAA Tournament--Free Throws

It matters not what your seed is this year, winning is not easy.

37.5% of the initial two dozen games were decided by a single digit margin...and many others were much closer than the final score indicated. Lotsa highly seeded teams got a real scare.

This afternoon's games were especially satisfying to me...any time Bruce Pearl and Bobby (T)huggins are eliminated in the first round is reason to celebrate.

Meanwhile, back in studio. I enjoy the hell out of Seth Davis. Greg Gumbel seems like a "hail fellow, well met"---possessing neither his brother's narcissism nor haughtiness. Greg Anthony is a major waste of time.

In the booth I enjoy Jay Bilas, Len Elmore, Dick Enberg, Sean McDonough, Verne Lundquist and Mike Gminski. I miss Billy Parker...Clark Kellogg just wears me out---he has a very narcoleptic style.

The streaming of all the games on the NCAA site is a great bonus, especially with more intensely close games than any expert could predict.

Lastly---is there anything more humbling than looking at your bracket after the first 32 games are in the book?'s%20tournament%22&st=cse

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