Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 NCAA Tournament---Tip Ins

Wondering: How often does CBS return from commercial, only to switch to a different game just in time for another break in the action and another commercial? Uncanny or premeditated?
The UCLA-VCU game delivered a great finish, but shouldn't the finest drama be witnessed by the largest possible audience, and not just West Coast?
Other than sports, what other entertainment industry would even consider scheduling its programming for times that greatly inconvenience the viewers?
Ben Woodside (ND State) was so good, Kansas coach Bill Self called him the best guard his team had faced all year.
USC sure figured out how to shut down BC's Tyrese Rice---something UNC and Duke could not do. Of course it didn't hurt that Taj Gibson went 10 for 10 from the field.
So much for the ACC being the best major conference...and the greatest conference in the history of the world (Big East) had many struggles, win or lose. They pulled a number of Houdini moves.
It's the Big-12 that's looking...well, big. They are 11-1 in first round games the past two years. 14-2, the past three years. Next year, I'm not picking against them in the first round.
I am yet to see one movie ad during the tournament that could get me to the cineplex.
There is one McDonald's ad that caught my eye.
Listening to Clark Kellogg is akin to eating a large Thanksgiving meal...zzzzzzzzzzz.
Westwood One does a great job covering the tournament on the wireless.
I still like the NCAA "going pro in something other than sports" ad.
Dick Enberg and Jay Bilas---easily the bast broadcast team. Sure hope they are there for the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.
UNC, Oklahoma and U-Conn all looked as good as they were touted to be back in November. U-Conn looks as impressive as anyone thus far. Villanova looked pretty potent slicing and dicing UCLA.
Much to my chagrin, Memphis looked deep and talented.
Purdue's JaJuan Johnson is the tournament's best shot blocker not named Hasheem Thabeet. That will be a great match up Thursday in Arizona.
Wake Forest, my pick to go to the Championship game, was not ready for prime-time.
Bill Raftery is having as much fun as anyone at the tournament.
Despite his considerable talents on the court, Maryland's Greivas Vasquez needs to keep his mouth shut.
UNC's win over LSU tied them with Kentucky for most NCAA Tournament wins at 98.
It took about 55 hours for the SEC to be eliminated from the tournament.
Congratulations to Hardy, Anwar and Tony who went 8-0 yesterday.

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