Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 NCAA Tournament Shoot Around

FSU’s Toney Douglas is fabulous and they are huge...not a fan of their coach, but he has recruited some beasts. Douglas only FSU player in double figure PPG---of course nobody has figured out how to stop him.

Washington is pretty much playing a home game...MissSt. has superior defense.

That Michigan 1-3-1 defense is tough to figure the first time you see it and Oliver Purcell has never won an NCAA Tournament game...Clemson 7-8 last 15 games after 16-0 start.

UCLA traveling to Philly is a true road trip.

I hate myself for taking Memphis as far as I have...they were 1-3 vs ranked teams outside of conference.

Nova has no size advantage over Duke.

Taking Wake to the Championship game. They have three NBA lottery picks. They are young and their coach is young with not much I figure they'll go out fast or have a long run. Louisville has the defense to stop them, but I just can't have 4 #1 seeds in the Final Four.

Also going with Gonzaga over UNC. The Zags hit nearly 40% of their 3's and UNC is not the epitome of tough defense.

Getting close to Utah State over Marquette. With Dominic James out, they are struggling at the point and it is nearly a home game in Boise for Utah State.

California leads the country in made threes at 43.4%.

Louisville is the second worst team in the bracket at the foul line---64.3%...Syracuse next at 63.9%.

Ohio State, Arizona State, BYU and Purdue the worst in offensive rebounds.

LSU started SEC play 13-1…1-3 at the end of SEC play, making less than 40% of their field goals in those games.

Butler is 55-8 the past two seasons.

Cal State-Northridge has the lowest graduation rate (8 percent) of any team in the field of 65.

U-Conn is 4-3 since Jerome Dyson went out with a knee injury, including consecutive losses in its past two games. Moreover, they have lost their last five NCAA Tournament games.

Mississippi State’s Jarvis Varnado is tied with U-Conn’s Hasheem Thabeet as the NCAA leaders with 4.6 blocked shots per game.

Freshmen to check out this tourney: Tyreke Evans (Memphis point guard), Willie Warren (Oklahoma shooting guard—14.7 ppg), Devin Ebanks (West Virginia forward---team’s 3rd leading scorer), Isaiah Thomas (Washington, 15.4 ppg at 5’8”).

All NCAA Champions since 2005 have finished in the Top20 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. Six teams make up that club this year: U-Conn, Gonzaga, Duke, West Virginia, Missouri and Kansas.

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