Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Tale of Two Covers

By now everyone is aware of the satirical New Yorker cover featuring the Obamas in a less than Obamessiah-like glow (a first for the liberal publication), and the attendant whining and complaining from the Obama camp, their enablers and surrogates.

However, unless one was a New Yorker subscriber, one is most likely unaware of this Oval Office cover from 2005. It, too, is a satire.

No one remembers it because 1) the leftist mainstream media felt no sense of outrage and failed to mention it…and 2) conservatives and Republicans did not go into throes of wailing and gnashing of teeth. They soldiered on…knowing that politics at this level is not the powder-puff derby. They never played the victim card.

To paraphrase a line from Act 3 of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “The Obama cadre doth protest too much, methinks.” They are far too thin-skinned. Obama needs to “man up.”

I realize the libs prefer to live in an irony-free zone, but this is ridiculous.

Reading the New Yorker is a good way to get the Hezbollah point of view…but they do have the best cartoons on the planet, Roger Angell and James Surowiecki on Finance.

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