Sunday, April 06, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville 12.0

Welcome to Bracketville, population 14

We have a winner: Much like that famed brown stallion Carry Back (winner 1961 Kentucky Derby and Preakness), Tony came from off the pace and will cut down the nets this year.
His 6-0 in the past six games gives him an insurmountable lead over all the other who picked Memphis. The only one with Kansas (that would be me) is behind more than the six points a Kansas victory would provide.
Tony picked the games in the money rounds.
His autographed copy of “Destination Basketball” is in the mail. Congratulations to Tony. As for the rest of us, there is always next year.

Hmmm: Am I the only who feels the Final Four is one long promo for the Masters?

Mea culpa: After making it look like child’s play yesterday over UCLA, I must admit my season long “Memphis is over rated” mantra is off the mark. Still cannot figure out how they got this excellent in a conference with no competition.

Rant: After seeing and listening to the pregame and post game news conferences and team puff pieces, it is no secret that English is not a required course for the “student athletes” at Memphis. Did any of them use even one sentence where the noun and verb agreed?

Hmmm: Does NCAA really means “Nobody Cares About Academics?”

Rave: If you missed any of the wonderful columns John Feinstein has filed from courtside for the Washington Post, here’s a link. Great writing:

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