Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville, Population a baker’s dozen

What a marvelous convergence this weekend. The first day of Spring, opening of the NCAA Tournament, Good Friday and Easter.

Greetings to Mike Becce, Dale Turner, Carson James and Christian Svendsen who migrated to Bracketville this morning.

Attached has brackets from all…so you can compare and contrast. I will give daily scorecard updates on the hand-operated scoreboard---some days later than others. Always check my math.

This year the winner will receive a copy of “Destination Basketball, (A Once in a Lifetime Adventure to Meet the Best Coaches in College Hoops)”---autographed by the authors and Jay Bilas who wrote the forward. Good luck to all.

Quote of the day: “Do you know how to cure a man of compulsive gambling? Give him Portland State and 6 ½.”---Carl Moesche.

I thought ESPN did a great job with their two-part movie at the beginning of the week, “Black Magic.” I was hesitant to watch due to all the Jesse Jackson promos. He was nowhere to be seen or heard during the movie and we are all better for that.

If Duke and West Virginia win their first round games, we’ll see the biggest mismatch of the tourney with Coach K vs. (T)Huggins. A contrast in ability, citizenship and intelligence.

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