Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville, population 14

You can view John McCain’s brackets on his website. However, you have to give a lot of info for his database. I’m all for McCain, but I’m not getting on any politician’s mailing list. Therefore, I guess I will die wondering who is in his Final Four.

Ten days of games on TV with many too many repeated commercials is the downside of the NCAA Tournament. I am already about to throw up over the Nike “my power is better…” ad. It is nearly as offensive as a Billy Mays spot.

Of the 14 in this bracket contest, five pick UNC and Memphis…with one each for UCLA, Kansas, Texas and Pitt. All four “experts” I track say UCLA.

Geography lesson: California leads the NCAA in teams with six…five from Tennessee…North Carolina, Texas, Indiana and Pennsylvania each enter four…DC, Maryland and Kentucky sent three a piece.

Odds: There are 9.2 quintillion possible standard brackets. That is 9 followed by 18 more digits. According to Las Vegas sports betting analyst R.J. Bell, if everyone on the planet were to complete a random bracket, the odds would 1.5 billion to one against anyone having a perfect bracket.

Random Las Vegas point spreads for day two: Drake by 4½, UNC by 25, Indiana by 1 ½, Oklahoma a 1-point favorite, Butler by 4 ½, Clemson by 6, Davidson by a deuce, Mississippi State by 2 ½, Miami by 1.

Oops: Duke was a 20-point favorite, BYU and A&M was a pick ‘em, USC was picked by 3.

The Xavier/Georgia game was as exciting as one could hope a first game on day one to be.

Carl and Eddie got 15 out of 16 to lead the parade after day one. They both had Kentucky. Hard to believe in Carl’s case as he’s from the land of cheese…guess he was not picking with his heart.

No one picked a losing team that they advanced to the Sweet Sixteen…so all losses were one and done.

Duke played a brutal game.

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