Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville 9.0

Chuck's 3-1 last night breaks the tie with Eddie and put him in the leader going into to Elite Eight.Eddie, Dale and Carson are just an old fashioned three-point play away, tied for second.The Elite Eight games are worth four points per correct pick.For those of you scoring at home, check my math. Attachment has latest scorecard.

Rave: Davidson was outstanding. They got Wisconsin out of the Bo Ryan game plan in the second half and won in convincing fashion. What a great story that has busted everyone's bracket.

Rave: Texas showed real grit backing down the Lopez twins last night. The margin of victory was pretty stout.

Rave: Kansas just rolled on. They still impress me as the best passing team in the tournament.

Rant: I thought Michigan State would give Memphis a real battle and prevail...instead MSU was humiliated. Guess the Big Ten is as over rated as I thought. The way they were creamed by the ACC in the preconference tournament should have been a red flag. Hell, Duke beat Wisconsin by 26 in their match up. That speaks volumes about their ineptness. I am not a member of the Calipari fan club.

On tap: UNC and Louisville has the makings of a classic. I picked UNC, but think Louisvile will get to a Final Four.Xavier should be competitive all the way against UCLA. Could come down to depth and foul trouble. The Xavier senior experience vs Kevin Love's super powers---will the wily veterans outfox the kid who can do it all? That is the P.J. O'Rourk question of the day.

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