Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville 8.0

Welcome to Bracketville, Population 14
Dateline: Birmingham

Standings are attached. Chuck and Eddie are tied. Eddie was 3-1 last night and with three points per victory in the Sweet Sixteen, Eddie is mounting a charge. As always, check my math and lodge your protest.

Rave: What can't Kevin Love do with a basketball in his hands?

Rave: No matter the outcome, Western Kentucky did not embarrass themselves...nice job coach.

Rave: UNC showed they can play some D when the need arises.

X Factor: Two words for Xavier---Senior Leadership.

Words of advice: For Bruce and (T)huggins---Drive home safely.

Unfortunate truism: "Stops" rarely make the ESPN highlights, but there is no denying that tough "D" usually is the difference.

Rave: Does Louisville have a ton of weapons or what? The matchup with UNC ought to be intense.

Useless factoid: Both coaches who went tieless last night lost---(T)huggins and Brey last weekend.

Stat: UNC is 21-0 away from the Dean Dome.

Another stat: Kansas is #2 in assists...and every pass is a seed.

Blast from the past: Pete Maravich never played in a Final Four.

Oops: Second headline in the USA Today story on the Xavier/WVU game read: "Mountaineers Top WVU." Think they meant Musketeers?

Rant: Many too many fouls called in the Xavier/WVU flow at all. Too much ref ego.

Rant: The 11:30 PM tip off time for the women's Stanford/Pitt game is atrocious, unconscionable and the most ridiculous item of the day.
Truism: As unbeatable as UNC looks...they still have to play the games.

Over rated: The ACC can't even win in NIT and CBI home games.

Quote: "A lot of great teams have won one in a row."--John Wooden.

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