Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville 5.0

---Welcome to Bracketville, population 14---

Results current through first round of night games. Updated results tomorrow afternoon after I return from Duke at UNC Women’s Lacrosse game---unless I am revved up in early morning.

This was a tough afternoon and evening for everyone except Dale, Chuck and Jay. A couple of folks lost a projected Elite Eight team.

Tough as it was---there were some exciting finishes, comebacks and heady play. There is nothing like it.

One plus one: I told you to check my math. I gypped myself late last night, giving myself a St. Joe loss (and they play today) and omitted the WVa win. Therefore, I go from 14-2 to 15-1. Also gave Hardy a credit for BYU win, but as we all know, A&M won that one. Hards goes to 13-3 for day one.

Rave: Near the end, I was almost cheering for Belmont. They deserved to win.

Rant: CBS sure used the junior varsity announcing team for the Duke/Belmont game. They were terrible as well as inaccurate on more than one occasion.

Rant: Duke has to be the most over valued 28-win team in the NCAA.

Rave: Tennessee’s Candace Parker. Unfortunately, they play Sunday at 9:20, so most of America will not see one of the most graceful athletes to play the game. I have been lucky enough to see her play in person three times. In addition, she is beautiful.

Bracket Biz: I am feeling like I have over valued Duke and perhaps under-valued Stanford, Xavier and Notre Dame.

Rave: Georgia coach Dennis Felton…a solid citizen whose players graduate.

WTF: Kent State scores a dime in the first half---how do you manage that?

Hmmm: If you were told Drew Neitzel would go 2 for 11, would you have thought Michigan State would get the W?

Quote: “You’re never going to get 100,000 people rallying around a math class.”—Gene Smith, Ohio State AD.

Quote II: “Belmont declared itself open once it left the state of Tennessee.”—Mike Wise, Washington Post.

Didjaknow: To play in the CBI basketball tourney schools have to pony up a $60,000 entry fee. Bet the alumni and booster club members love that.

Methinks: Probably eight of the first dozen or so NBA lottery picks will be freshmen.

Rave: Westwood One radio does an incredible job in their coverage of the tournament. Very thorough, insightful and worthy of note.

Get a haircut: Seeing Gonzaga grad Adam Morrison in the stands at the Davidson game I thought I was looking at Jim Morrison or Charles Manson.

Rant: The “Hey buddy” ad by A T & T Wireless would make me cancel my service were they my carrier.

Selected point spreads for Saturday: From by 3, Kansas by 13, Pitt by 2 ½, Washington State by 2. Duke by 3 ½---take West Virginia.

My-oh-my: A three at the buzzer in OT for Western Kentucky! Helluva game that busted a few brackets. 5 of the 14 here picked WKY…I, not among them.

We know that U-Conn can occasionally go to the movies mid-game…but in the first round?

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