Monday, March 31, 2008

Curmudgeon in the Wry 386

Monday, March 31, 2008---498 Words---Average reading time: 1-minute, 51 seconds (time frittered away) (a pointless waste of time)
Offending readers and hindering productivity one issue at a time since 2001.
Almost completely free of original ideas.
Often wrong…never in doubt.
Rave: Ralph Meeker
On the Hi Fi: Nat King Cole, “10th Anniversary.”
Reading: “Three Shirt Deal” by Stephen Cannell.
Quote: “That's what the Bosnia story was about. Her fictions about dodging bullets on the tarmac -- and we have to hope they were lies, because if they weren't, if she thought what she was saying was true, we are in worse trouble than we thought -- either confirmed what you already knew (she lies as a matter of strategy, or, as William Safire said in 1996, by nature) or revealed in an unforgettable way (videotape! Smiling girl in pigtails offering flowers!) what you feared (that she lies more than is humanly usual, even politically usual).” “It was as if she'd watched the movie ‘Wag the Dog,’ with its fake footage of a terrified refugee woman running frantically from mortar fire, and found it not a cautionary tale about manipulation and politics, but an inspiration.---Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Truism: You know it’s a strange, strange world when Jose Conseco now has written more books than Harper Lee (“To Kill a Mockingbird”).
More Jose: There ought to be a law that says before you can write a book, you should have at least read one.
Just perfect: Conseco’s book is being released on April Fool’s Day.
Would you believe: No kidding! New York will shortly be the first state in the USA to have its own “Govs Gone Wild” DVD.
Rant: Given some of his statements about being unaware of Rev. Wright’s anti-American views make me believe Obama hides his own Easter eggs.
Irony: Irony is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. To wit: Michael Irvin counseling Pacman.
More Irony: The Republicans were working so hard to bloody Clinton, and then a Dem comes along and does it for them.
Duh: Why are so many people shocked that Clinton lied about being under sniper in Bosnia? I, myself, will be shocked if she ever tells the truth.
Cost of living: Box seats at the new Yankee Stadium will go for as much as $2,500 a game. I am certain P.T. Barnum is laughing somewhere.
High Finance: A penny minted prior to 1982 is 95% copper or 2 ½ cents worth. Post 1982 is 97.5% zinc. Nickels are 75% copper and cost about a dime to produce. Your taxpayer dollars at work.
Didjaknow: The average person does 56% of typing with the left hand.
Hmmm: Is it true that the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals have already been eliminated from pennant races?
If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English thank a Veteran.
That is all.
As you were.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville 8.0

Welcome to Bracketville, Population 14
Dateline: Birmingham

Standings are attached. Chuck and Eddie are tied. Eddie was 3-1 last night and with three points per victory in the Sweet Sixteen, Eddie is mounting a charge. As always, check my math and lodge your protest.

Rave: What can't Kevin Love do with a basketball in his hands?

Rave: No matter the outcome, Western Kentucky did not embarrass themselves...nice job coach.

Rave: UNC showed they can play some D when the need arises.

X Factor: Two words for Xavier---Senior Leadership.

Words of advice: For Bruce and (T)huggins---Drive home safely.

Unfortunate truism: "Stops" rarely make the ESPN highlights, but there is no denying that tough "D" usually is the difference.

Rave: Does Louisville have a ton of weapons or what? The matchup with UNC ought to be intense.

Useless factoid: Both coaches who went tieless last night lost---(T)huggins and Brey last weekend.

Stat: UNC is 21-0 away from the Dean Dome.

Another stat: Kansas is #2 in assists...and every pass is a seed.

Blast from the past: Pete Maravich never played in a Final Four.

Oops: Second headline in the USA Today story on the Xavier/WVU game read: "Mountaineers Top WVU." Think they meant Musketeers?

Rant: Many too many fouls called in the Xavier/WVU flow at all. Too much ref ego.

Rant: The 11:30 PM tip off time for the women's Stanford/Pitt game is atrocious, unconscionable and the most ridiculous item of the day.
Truism: As unbeatable as UNC looks...they still have to play the games.

Over rated: The ACC can't even win in NIT and CBI home games.

Quote: "A lot of great teams have won one in a row."--John Wooden.

Welcome to Bracketville 9.0

Chuck's 3-1 last night breaks the tie with Eddie and put him in the leader going into to Elite Eight.Eddie, Dale and Carson are just an old fashioned three-point play away, tied for second.The Elite Eight games are worth four points per correct pick.For those of you scoring at home, check my math. Attachment has latest scorecard.

Rave: Davidson was outstanding. They got Wisconsin out of the Bo Ryan game plan in the second half and won in convincing fashion. What a great story that has busted everyone's bracket.

Rave: Texas showed real grit backing down the Lopez twins last night. The margin of victory was pretty stout.

Rave: Kansas just rolled on. They still impress me as the best passing team in the tournament.

Rant: I thought Michigan State would give Memphis a real battle and prevail...instead MSU was humiliated. Guess the Big Ten is as over rated as I thought. The way they were creamed by the ACC in the preconference tournament should have been a red flag. Hell, Duke beat Wisconsin by 26 in their match up. That speaks volumes about their ineptness. I am not a member of the Calipari fan club.

On tap: UNC and Louisville has the makings of a classic. I picked UNC, but think Louisvile will get to a Final Four.Xavier should be competitive all the way against UCLA. Could come down to depth and foul trouble. The Xavier senior experience vs Kevin Love's super powers---will the wily veterans outfox the kid who can do it all? That is the P.J. O'Rourk question of the day.

Welcome to Bracketville 10.0

Welcome to Bracketville, Population 14

Congrats: Chuck widened his lead by going 4-0 in the Elite 8. Hardy also scored a 4-0; and is the only one who can catch Chuck. If the last three games go Hardy’s way, he cuts down the nets.

Rave: Anyone who watched the Kansas/Davidson game as their first college game has to become a fan for life. That is as good as gets…from the back-story to the final score. Absolutely incredible to watch. It is a cliché…but it is a shame someone had to lose.
Davidson does back down to any team. Arguably, they are the most disciplined and well-coached team in the field of 65. That squad gets more out of its talent than any team I have watched. Their scouting and recruiting must be immaculate.

Late Rave: You gotta love Xavier. They can pound you---they held Michael Beasley to one basket. They can buzz you---they held Indiana’s Eric Gordon to four baskets and UT’s Lofton to three baskets. They out rebounded West Virginia (one of the better rebounding teams) by three---and outscored them from beyond the arc by 30 points

Quote: “Working hard is an acquired skill.” ---Rick Pitino.

Factoid: College men’s basketball players graduate at about a 44% rate.

Rant: Can’t we call a spade a spade? “Official timeouts” are not for officials…they exist so the networks can show commercials. Call them TV or commercial timeouts. Even worse, is how many there are and how long they take.

Another spade to call: The mandatory use of “student athlete” during the press conferences (it is in the media handbook the NCAA passes out) is another misnomer. What is wrong with being called a player? The reason these guys are in front of the camera is that they play basketball at the highest collegiate level…not because of dubious classroom achievements.

Didjaknow: The twenty-minute halftimes first came into being in 2003 at the request of CBS so they could give news updates on the Iraq war (it began on the eve of the tournament’s first day). The war continues, the updates do not---and more commercials can be sold in twenty minutes.

Rant: No basketball ought to tip off later than 9:30 local time. Start the doubleheaders earlier. The only reason the Sunday games start at reasonable hours is so CBS can show “60 Minutes.”

Didjaknow: In you want to host the NCAA tournament; you must remove all signage in your building. This includes team banners and retired numbers. That is really weak!

Factoid: The Sweet 16 included seven of the top-10 teams in the RPI ratings.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville 7.0

Welcome to Bracketville, population 14

Didjaknow: T. Boone Pickens donated #165 million to the Oklahoma State athletic department.

Kudos: To University of Tennessee’s Women’s Basketball coach Pat Summit on being the first coach (men’s or women’s) to win 100 games in NCAA Tournament competition.

Rave: CBS is not going to inject celebrities into their NCAA Tournament coverage as do Fox and ESPN (in their coverage of major sports). “It is not our philosophy,” said CBS Programmer Mike Aresco. What a refreshing attitude.

Read all about it: The “Morning Brief” in the sports section of the L.A. Time is must reading for Jay Bilas.

Just the facts: Many are wringing their hands over the second round exit for Duke. Teams need true NBA first round picks to play in the Final Four…or at least money players. Duke has not had money players since Battier, Boozer, Jason Williams and Mike Dunleavey. Chris Duhon to a lesser degree. To wit: in 10 NCAA Tournament games, Duke senior and captain DeMarcus Nelson has scored 40 points.

This will make you say wow: In Coach K’s 28 years at Duke, he has had eight seasons without an All American. In those seasons---0 ACC Titles, 0 Sweet Sixteens, 0 Final Fours, 0 Championships.
In the 20 other seasons---10 ACC Titles, 17 Sweet Sixteens, 10 Final Fours, 3 NCAA Championships.

Won/loss: So far the Big East is 10-5 thru two rounds---the Pac-10 is 6-3. The ACC and SEC have one team remaining.

Seedings: Butler (seven seed) was 29-3 in the regular season---and pushed Tennessee (two seed) into overtime. If Butler had gotten the seed it deserved, it would still be playing in the Sweet 16.

Stats: Since February 1, Georgetown failed to score more than 70 points in 11 out of 15 games.

Rave: Curtis Shaw’s ejection of Stanford coach, Trent Johnson was an unfortunate turn of events. The coach showed an immense amount of class, dignity and personal responsibility in the post game interview…something seldom seen in this PC, spin cycle world. Good for him.

Factoids: In high school, UCLA’s Darren Collinson weighed 142 pounds. His teammate, Russell Westbrook, could not dunk as a high school junior.

Rave: One of the great things about March is that it is nothing like college football. Games are decided by players…not computers or polls. San Diego gets to play Connecticut and Davidson gets to play Georgetown.

Playing to win: One reason for Davidson’s wonderful comeback was Georgetown’s decision to “play not to lose.” The wide differential in turnovers had quite a bit to do with it as well.
Not to mention great coaching and a preconference schedule that taught the team a bunch.

Quote: “This is the NCAA tournament. If you don’t have fun out there, there’s something wrong with you.” ---Davidson point guard Jason Richards.

The X factor: Xavier has six guys who average double figure scoring.

Totally useless factoid: Since 1990, only 12 of the 72 Final Four teams have been private schools. Take out Duke and the number shrinks to five. No non-denominational private school without a color in its nickname has won the NCAA Tournament.

Useless factoid: Before they became the “orange,” the original colors for Syracuse were rose pink and pea green.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Curmudgeon in the Wry 385

Saturday, March 22, 2008---572 Words---Average reading time: 1-minute, 55 seconds (time frittered away) (a pointless waste of time)
Offending readers and hindering productivity one issue at a time since 2001.
Almost completely free of original ideas.
Often wrong…never in doubt.
Rave: Larraine Day
On the Hi Fi: Patti Austin’s “Love Is Gonna Getcha.”
Reading: “Three Shirt Deal” by Stephen J. Cannell.
Quote: “When all is lost, ask the I.R.S. -- they'll find something.” --Doug Horton.
Would you believe: There is a secret society of really stupid people. There secret sign is wearing baseball caps turned backwards.
NCAA Tournament Rant: It is not an “opening round” game---it is a “play-in” game! And, why is it played in Dayton of all Rust best garden spots? If these kids are considered #64 and #65, at least send them some place nice.
NCAA Tournament Rant II: Tip off time for the finals is 9:21 PM. Not even the Super Bowl and the bungled World Series games start at that absurd hour.
Truism: “Baltimore is one of the centers of the universe. Seriously. No matter whom you are or where you live, I guarantee you are but one degree, two at the most, removed from someone who was born, reared or did serious time there.”---Mary McNamara, LA Times.
Rant: To say doing jail time for driving without a license unfairly targets illegal immigrants, is like saying doing jail time for robbing a bank unfairly targets bank robbers.
Decision 2008: Lucy or Ethel
Rimshot: If I adopt a road and it follows me home, may I keep it?
Rant: If Hillary Clinton is ready to be POTUS because she spent eight years in the White House as First Lady, so is Laura Bush.
Rant: The 2008 political debates. The Republicans just bored me silly. The Dems made me ill in short order. Clinton’s disingenuousness was exceeded only by Obama’s smugness and condescending attitude---or was it the other way around?
Moreover: If you believe Obama never heard one of Rev. Wright’s anti-American fire and brimstone screeds during his 20-year membership at the church---then you are a perfect candidate for some of that Nebraska ocean front property I heard about.
Play Ball: As a Red Sox fan, I wish the Yankees would sign Billy Crystal for the entire season.
Hmmm: Nobody can say that the L.A. Dodgers are not a deliberate organization. After 50 years in Southern California , club officials finally concluded that it makes more sense to hold spring training out West than in Vero Beach, Fla. Did they ever think to consult Map Quest?
Quote: “Many of our best young athletes are like throwbacks to medieval guilds, learning a trade in childhood.”—Frank Deford.
Hmmm: How do you think Clients One thru Eight days are going?
Just asking: Is it true that the new definition of March Madness is the governor’s mansion in New York?
Rant: There are as many steroids in Hollywood (that other bastion of role models for kids) as there are in baseball.
Rant: This entire MLB opening in Japan is a dog and pony show that is strange, senseless and a travesty. Bud Selig is an idiot.
Rave: On the other hand, the Yankees playing at Virginia Tech was a classy move.
If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English thank a Veteran.
That is all.
As you were.
We return you to your regular programming

Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville 5.0

---Welcome to Bracketville, population 14---

Results current through first round of night games. Updated results tomorrow afternoon after I return from Duke at UNC Women’s Lacrosse game---unless I am revved up in early morning.

This was a tough afternoon and evening for everyone except Dale, Chuck and Jay. A couple of folks lost a projected Elite Eight team.

Tough as it was---there were some exciting finishes, comebacks and heady play. There is nothing like it.

One plus one: I told you to check my math. I gypped myself late last night, giving myself a St. Joe loss (and they play today) and omitted the WVa win. Therefore, I go from 14-2 to 15-1. Also gave Hardy a credit for BYU win, but as we all know, A&M won that one. Hards goes to 13-3 for day one.

Rave: Near the end, I was almost cheering for Belmont. They deserved to win.

Rant: CBS sure used the junior varsity announcing team for the Duke/Belmont game. They were terrible as well as inaccurate on more than one occasion.

Rant: Duke has to be the most over valued 28-win team in the NCAA.

Rave: Tennessee’s Candace Parker. Unfortunately, they play Sunday at 9:20, so most of America will not see one of the most graceful athletes to play the game. I have been lucky enough to see her play in person three times. In addition, she is beautiful.

Bracket Biz: I am feeling like I have over valued Duke and perhaps under-valued Stanford, Xavier and Notre Dame.

Rave: Georgia coach Dennis Felton…a solid citizen whose players graduate.

WTF: Kent State scores a dime in the first half---how do you manage that?

Hmmm: If you were told Drew Neitzel would go 2 for 11, would you have thought Michigan State would get the W?

Quote: “You’re never going to get 100,000 people rallying around a math class.”—Gene Smith, Ohio State AD.

Quote II: “Belmont declared itself open once it left the state of Tennessee.”—Mike Wise, Washington Post.

Didjaknow: To play in the CBI basketball tourney schools have to pony up a $60,000 entry fee. Bet the alumni and booster club members love that.

Methinks: Probably eight of the first dozen or so NBA lottery picks will be freshmen.

Rave: Westwood One radio does an incredible job in their coverage of the tournament. Very thorough, insightful and worthy of note.

Get a haircut: Seeing Gonzaga grad Adam Morrison in the stands at the Davidson game I thought I was looking at Jim Morrison or Charles Manson.

Rant: The “Hey buddy” ad by A T & T Wireless would make me cancel my service were they my carrier.

Selected point spreads for Saturday: From by 3, Kansas by 13, Pitt by 2 ½, Washington State by 2. Duke by 3 ½---take West Virginia.

My-oh-my: A three at the buzzer in OT for Western Kentucky! Helluva game that busted a few brackets. 5 of the 14 here picked WKY…I, not among them.

We know that U-Conn can occasionally go to the movies mid-game…but in the first round?
Welcome to Bracketville, population 14

You can view John McCain’s brackets on his website. However, you have to give a lot of info for his database. I’m all for McCain, but I’m not getting on any politician’s mailing list. Therefore, I guess I will die wondering who is in his Final Four.

Ten days of games on TV with many too many repeated commercials is the downside of the NCAA Tournament. I am already about to throw up over the Nike “my power is better…” ad. It is nearly as offensive as a Billy Mays spot.

Of the 14 in this bracket contest, five pick UNC and Memphis…with one each for UCLA, Kansas, Texas and Pitt. All four “experts” I track say UCLA.

Geography lesson: California leads the NCAA in teams with six…five from Tennessee…North Carolina, Texas, Indiana and Pennsylvania each enter four…DC, Maryland and Kentucky sent three a piece.

Odds: There are 9.2 quintillion possible standard brackets. That is 9 followed by 18 more digits. According to Las Vegas sports betting analyst R.J. Bell, if everyone on the planet were to complete a random bracket, the odds would 1.5 billion to one against anyone having a perfect bracket.

Random Las Vegas point spreads for day two: Drake by 4½, UNC by 25, Indiana by 1 ½, Oklahoma a 1-point favorite, Butler by 4 ½, Clemson by 6, Davidson by a deuce, Mississippi State by 2 ½, Miami by 1.

Oops: Duke was a 20-point favorite, BYU and A&M was a pick ‘em, USC was picked by 3.

The Xavier/Georgia game was as exciting as one could hope a first game on day one to be.

Carl and Eddie got 15 out of 16 to lead the parade after day one. They both had Kentucky. Hard to believe in Carl’s case as he’s from the land of cheese…guess he was not picking with his heart.

No one picked a losing team that they advanced to the Sweet Sixteen…so all losses were one and done.

Duke played a brutal game.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville, Population a baker’s dozen

What a marvelous convergence this weekend. The first day of Spring, opening of the NCAA Tournament, Good Friday and Easter.

Greetings to Mike Becce, Dale Turner, Carson James and Christian Svendsen who migrated to Bracketville this morning.

Attached has brackets from all…so you can compare and contrast. I will give daily scorecard updates on the hand-operated scoreboard---some days later than others. Always check my math.

This year the winner will receive a copy of “Destination Basketball, (A Once in a Lifetime Adventure to Meet the Best Coaches in College Hoops)”---autographed by the authors and Jay Bilas who wrote the forward. Good luck to all.

Quote of the day: “Do you know how to cure a man of compulsive gambling? Give him Portland State and 6 ½.”---Carl Moesche.

I thought ESPN did a great job with their two-part movie at the beginning of the week, “Black Magic.” I was hesitant to watch due to all the Jesse Jackson promos. He was nowhere to be seen or heard during the movie and we are all better for that.

If Duke and West Virginia win their first round games, we’ll see the biggest mismatch of the tourney with Coach K vs. (T)Huggins. A contrast in ability, citizenship and intelligence.

Welcome to Bracketville--2.0

Welcome to Bracketville, Population 8

There is still some time left to get your bracket to me before noon Thursday. Join the Madness.

You can match wits with music biz luminaries Chuck Thagard, Tony Benken, Ted Wagner, Jay Thomas, Eddie Mascolo, MLB Scout extraordinaire Carl Moesche, and my high school pal Hardy Roberts.

Hardy is a member of Mensa and included all the RPIs on his entry (tab number 12 on the attached Excel sheet) as a public service…should you desire to tweak your picks before tip off tomorrow.

Pop quiz: Where is Drake located? Answer later on.

Davidson’s Stephen Curry has made 139 3-pointers this season; the most of anyone in the field of 64…his teammate Jason Richards leads the country in assist with 8.0 per game.

Butler has five returning starting seniors and made the Sweet 16 last year.

This is the first tournament appearance for Texas-Arlington. The team does not have a basketball arena or gym---they play their home games on a theater stage.

Texas A&M is the worst free-throw shooting team in the Big 12---they have no scorer in the Big 12’s Top twenty.

Oregon is going for its first title since 1939, when they won the first NCAA Men’s Tournament championship.

Kentucky and Marquette meet for the tenth time is NCAA Tournament history, the most of any two programs.

“Oregon State was 0-19 in Pac-10 play, and may have been worse than their record indicated.” ---John Feinstein, Washington Post.

The Drake Bulldogs are in Des Moines, Iowa.

St. Joe’s beat Xavier twice in one week.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to Bracketville, Population 1

Welcome to Bracketville 2008, Population 1

Attached are a blank bracket, a bracket with men’s and women’s seedings and my preliminary thoughts.

Should you choose to share your brackets, you can fill in the Excel sheet and return it prior to noon Thursday. I will keep the score sheet and attempt to get daily updates to those participating.

One point for each correct first round pick, two points for second round, etc.

It ought to be a most interesting run up to April 7th (men) and April 8th (women).

Any tournament with a coach named Keno (perhaps the only game of chance I am yet to play) Davis has to be a lot of fun.

I love the Houston 3/14 match up with Stanford and Cornell. Lotsa red in the stands and the combined SAT scores of the respective starting fives has to be an NCAA record.

Didjaknow that the last time Drake was in the tournament Dick Nixon was President.

I see a bunch of blue in my Final Four…but not my favorite shade. UCLA, Kansas and UNC are highly skilled teams and Texas rounds out my list of teams touring the Alamo.

I hope Kevin Love is over the back spasms so UCLA can be nearly full strength. Mbah a Moute’s ankle injury is enough of a loss.

The Kansas State/USC match up will feature a couple of talented, but potentially out of control teams. Playing in Omaha, gives Kansas State the edge for me.

What a long, strange trip it’s been from losing to Gardner-Webb at home to getting into their 17th straight NCAA Tournament for Kentucky.

Seth Greenberg from Virginia Tech wins the 2008 Jim Boeheim “Whine and Cheese” Award.

I am enjoying Coach Knight on ESPN. He made a convincing case for Pitt to cut down the nets in San Antonio. Pitt is tough as nails, well coached and never quits. If I had to pick a dark horse, it would come from the Pitt, Notre Dame, Louisville, Georgetown group.

Now I cannot buy into the coach’s 128-team field concept.

I hope he gets more and more controversial. I remember when ABC put Earl Weaver in the booth for World Series color after Earl’s first retirement. Instead of the feisty, colorful, aggressive Earl we had come to know and love---he became Casper Milquetoast. Somehow, I don’t think Coach Knight will become a shrinking violet.

So---sharpen your pencil, noodle the pairings around and send me the brackets that you dream on.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Curmudgeon in the Wry 384

Sunday, March 16, 2008---725 Words---Average reading time: 2-minutes, 51 seconds (time frittered away) (a pointless waste of time)
Offending readers and hindering productivity one issue at a time since 2001.
Almost completely free of original ideas.
Often wrong…never in doubt.
Rave: George Raft
On the Hi Fi: “Day Trip” by Pat Metheny.
Reading: “Nameless Night” by G.M. Ford.
Quote: "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views."---William F. Buckley.
Fare thee well: Brett Favre, gunslinger as quarterback…an NFL original.
A reminder: Set your clocks back one hour on October 25, 2008.
Rant: Those TV spots that scream, “Apply directly to the forehead” give me a headache.
Rave: James W. Hall is masterful at creating villains.
It is not just that they never consider the moral consequences of their deeds, carry violence to an art form, create a combination of terror and tension---it is their “nothing to lose attitude” that is most frightening.
The fact that you know these people actually exist is genuinely terrifying. You sense them in real life, and cross the street to stay out of their path.
In Dr. Hall’s latest Thorn novel, such a piece of work is Sasha Olson. Her outrage stems from the early death from cancer to her husband and the same disease ravaging her son. She blames it on Bates International who controls a gigantic phosphate strip mining operation in the middle of Florida.
Sasha’s initial victim is the Bates International’s family matriarch, Abigail Bates. Her preferred macabre method is death by drowning. Immediately before she places her prey under water she asks, “How long can you hold your breath?”
Abigail turns out to be Thorn’s grandmother. Thorn’s parents were killed in an auto accident shortly after he was born. He never knew about his family tree.
Thorn’s uncle and his daughter appear to be clients on a fishing expedition where Thorn acts as a guide.
Sasha is on a mission to wipe out the Bates family. She haunts and hunts the family members deep in the remotest part of the Everglades. The outcome is in doubt until the final chapter.
The characters will hook you just as much as the plot that has as many twists as the Everglades. You just may want to sleep with light on after you experience “Hell’s Bay.”
More book biz: Any book with this line deserves your readership. “Merle Haggard looked seventy years old and too mean to die, which Hood figured was pretty much what Merle was.”---from “L.A. Outlaws” by T. Jefferson Parker. Just a terrific book.
Furthermore: “You know what I’m thinking? Suicide.” Sergeant Tom Galway ran his hands through his neat salt-and-pepper hair. “I’m guessing our boy had been pondering the inequities generated by geopolitical gamesmanship, got so depressed he went and shot himself in the back. Four times.” From “At the City’s Edge” by Marcus Sakey. It is just his second novel and he writes like seasoned pro. If you enjoy Jim Hall, Dennis Lehane, Michael Connelly, Laura Lippman or George Pelecanos---then Marcus Sakey is your new discovery that you will thank me for.
Rant: Curt Schilling is psychologically incapable of staying in the background very long.
Decision 2008: Thelma or Louise?
Rant: Anyone who attends a Will Ferrell movie needs to check his or her IQ at the door. He is truly lame.
Quote: “A baseball season without Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds is like summer without crabgrass and mosquitoes.” ---Bob Molinero, The Virginian Pilot.
In addition, I might add---more pleasant and far less tedious.
Didjaknow: Sometime back in the late 1950s, Bill Sharman of the Celtics used to go to a high school gym on game days and shoot around. His teammates thought he was nuts. Sharman brought the idea with him when he coached the Lakers in the 1970s. Now every pro and college squad in the USA has pregame shootarounds. Now you know the rest of the story.
Book BIZ: Only three writers have won two Edgars for best novel: T. Jefferson Parker, James Lee Burke and Dick Francis.
If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English thank a Veteran.
That is all.
As you were.
We return you to your regular programming