Thursday, November 01, 2007

John Fogerty---"Revival"

John Fogerty’s “Revival” sounds like music Sun Records would be making today if Sam Phillips was still cutting tracks.

There is a lot to like on this CD.

“Gunslinger” is just about the best song I have heard this year.

Some astute Nashville country singer could have a huge hit covering “Broken Down Cowboy”---an exceptional song that speaks volumes.

As a sixties rocker, he has the obligatory song bashing President Bush. However, the wordsmithing of “Long Dark Night” is so quick and witty, that it offends me (a Goldwater Republican) not a whit. It is easy to appreciate.

His paean to all things Britney, Lindsey, Paris and the like (“It Ain’t Right”) is a lively satire that gives you ear-to-ear grins.

“I Can’t Take It No More” is the mandatory antiwar song---a 21st century update of 1969’s
“Fortunate Son” from the Viet Nam War. Since he was making music in San Francisco during the war, one could say he was just as fortunate as those of us ensconced in institutions of higher learning during that war. Therefore, I will give him a push on it.

There is not a clunker on the disc. The musicianship is first rate. The vocals are strong and the lyrics are not to be faulted.

Perhaps the best part is how quickly you find yourself singing along with the songs.

Only a pair of tunes exceed four minutes---so this is not some artist indulgence.

It is just a big pleasure. Welcome back, Mr. Fogerty.

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