Sunday, September 02, 2007

Flying, Huck, Ben and Anka BIZ

The last time I flew was 1999, so I can honestly say that I have not flown in this century.
Don't miss it one bit. It was the worst part of promotion. Flying was no fun then...I can only imagine how unpleasant it is today.

Huck's line was a good one. However, I agree with Ben Stein. It sure sounds like entrapment to me.
I know zero about Craig...but am not a fan of entrapment.

I was unaware that Paul Anka wrote the music for "The Longest Day" or the Carson Show.
In 1978 or 1979 I had dinner with him and a PD from Tampa. The PD brought his wife and I brought my girl friend. Paul Anka charmed them beyond words.
"Diana" is still my favorite Anka song.

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