Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Power Play" by Joseph Finder

Joseph Finder is a craftsman like writer of business thrillers, and his latest, “Power Play,” is a gem.

Jake Landry, a junior exec for Hammond Aerospace, is tapped to attend an upper management retreat, since his boss is overseas on business. The meeting is held at an isolated resort in British Columbia with no wireless, no cell towers, no internet---just bonding and team building.

Jake, sticking out like a sore thumb among the firm’s movers and shakers in full poseur mode, is the one who saves the day when the get-together turns into “Deliverance.”

Five heavily armed thugs invade the resort, take the VPs hostage and demand hundreds of millions of dollars in ransom.

Jake’s native intelligence and dubious background (gun nut father, juvy jail time) casts him as the MacGyver of the group. He utilizes all his shrewdness, cunning and smarts to cause the kidnappers to implode.

Joseph Finder’s thorough research gets thing right. Wire fraud, high performance composites, grenades, firearms and corporate politics in all their intricacies are clarified in an entertaining fashion that advances the plot.

The pacing is intense; the plot moves at warp speed and the details are on the money.

The kidnapping of a group of corporate executives is entirely plausible, and ought to alarm boardrooms and civilians everywhere.

“Power Play” is yet another winner from Joseph Finder.

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