Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daniel Silva Book Signing on 8/11/007

This past Saturday, Daniel Silva gave an author talk and signing before a full house at the Cocoa Beach Public Library.

His latest book, “The Secret Servant” features Israeli Mossad op (assassin)/art restorer, Gabriel Allon, in a hunt for Islamist Terrorists. Like all his books, it is meticulously researched.

It is his fastest seller to date…currently #3 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

Mr. Silva was a UPI correspondent in the Middle East (based in Egypt) for a number of years prior to joining CNN. He now writes full time.

He takes the terrorist threat to the free world most seriously.

His talk, like his books, leave you feeling more informed, smarter about the entire terrorism problem and thoroughly entertained.

His research for the book does not leave him optimistic about the possibility of a catastrophic event occurring in England.

The European-born extremists are very dangerous…and a growing threat.

He pointed out that in England and Western Europe the birth rate is below replacement levels for non-Muslims. In fact, Italy is the first nation to have a larger population over 60 than under 20.

The ranks of Muslims are exceeding the replacement level…leading him to liken London to Londonistan. More than 200 active terror cells are being tracked in Great Britain.

His only reservation about our conduct on the war on terror is our outsourcing of torture---mostly to Egypt. He stressed than there is no embellishment in the book about the extreme rendition activities in Egypt.

If you want to be entertained while you learn a great deal about the threats posed by the Global Jihadists, “The Secret Servant” will keep you turning pages until the wee hours of the morning.

After reading it, I am willing to wager that you will go back and read his first nine works.

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